Media Within Your Press Release

Media within your press releaseImagine your local newspaper with no image on the front page, just straight text. Try to picture any major entertainment magazine with no images of your favorite celebrities. How interested would you be in reading these?

Images and video receive attention, and they are worth more than words. That is why magazines are so popular. Adding images within a press release increases the readability of your release. They are a great way to display your company’s logo or your products. Think of it as a method of branding.

At, we allow you to attach images to your press release. Depending on which package you select, you may also add a short (up to two minutes) video.

When selecting our Mass Media Distribution program, we are unable to attach an image directly to the press release for distribution, but rather we include a link to your image on our site. Press release distribution with images is difficult as many different news sites have different formats.

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