Wes – http://www.FidoFinder.com

Your service has really been worth the money for me. I had read a warning about using online distribution companies but I figured I’d give you guys a try and see how it went(btw, I found your site when I searched for “free press releases” – but decided to spend some money trying to get this story out after I visited your site).

I had attempted to use a publicist previously when the heavy metal lead singer of Biohazard, Evan Seinfeld, (and, uhm, his porn star wife Tera Patrick…who apparently is more famous) used my site to look for his dog. It was my personal attempts to get the “news” online that succeeded and not the publicists free attempt at showing me what he could do…so I believe in the power of using the web. Although the actual stories this time around haven’t generated a whole lot of traffic (only about double my average…so around 400-500 visitors a day instead of 200-300), the back links and follow up coverage that I expect should make the whole thing worth while. And I figured it would go this way anyhow.

For example, I was contacted today from the CBS news affiliate in Cincinnati about them doing my story on the news tomorrow as part of their Troubleshooter report. I expect this kind of stuff to continue to trickle around for a while. I’ll be sure to use you guys again the next time a celebrity uses my site to try to find their lost dog. And my brother, who runs a computer consulting / software firm, plans on using you guys for a press release in a few months.

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