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BRAND CHATTER Live! February 22, 2012 attended the BRAND CHATTER Live! event on February 22, 2012 in North Vancouver, BC at the Holiday Inn.

The event was spectacular and interesting, with a well rounded panel of knowledgeable individuals including Owen Clark, Byzhub, CEO talking about Social Media, Chris Breikss, 6S Marketing, President, Brandy Wright, Rogers Radio Vancouver, Senior Account Representative, Anne McMullin, North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, President and Clare Hamilton-Eddy, Peak Communicators Ltd, Senior Account Manager.

Not only was the event and panel fantastic, however Sandy also does a great job of helping find your key marketing message to getting people talking about their business.

The event was a success, i’m looking forward to attending the next one!


SEAT Reveals the New Five Door Mii City Car

SEAT has unveiled an expansion to its Mii city car – a new five door model offering optimum functionality in a compact package.

MILTON KEYNES, ENGLAND, February 24, 2012 — SEAT is revealing an expansion to the Mii city car line-up with the first glimpse of an even more versatile five-door version.

The additional rear doors turn the super-compact SEAT into a unique combination of exceptional driving fun, sporty design and outstanding functionality.
Of course the new five-door Mii remains true to core SEAT principles – meaning it’s both a pleasure to drive, and a pleasure to own.

In either three- or five-door form the Mii scores top marks for fuel consumption and emissions thanks to its lightweight design and efficient drivetrains. This applies in particular to the newly-announced Mii Ecomotive.

Thanks to a start/stop system, brake energy recovery and other measures to improve fuel economy, the Mii Ecomotive makes do with just 4.2 litres of fuel per 100 km, equating to CO2 emissions of only 96 g/km. These impressive statistics apply to both the three and five-door versions, as well as to both performance variants; 60 PS and 75 PS.

James Muir, President of SEAT, S.A. said: “The new Mii has enjoyed a terrific start. Customer response in Spain is outstanding and we are now bringing the entire line-up to the other European markets complete with the three-door, five-door and Ecomotive versions.

“With its distinctive SEAT identity, its youthful design and its high quality standards, the five-door Mii in particular is set to capture a significant share of the sub-compact segment. This makes the Mii an important factor in our corporate strategy. The Mii marks the start of the most extensive model offensive ever undertaken by SEAT.”
As a five-door, the Mii retains the strong character of its distinctive design. Perfectly proportioned, the new SEAT measures 1.64 metres wide with a long wheelbase of 2.42 metres and exceptionally short overhangs front and rear. The steeply angled rear end facilitates the Mii’s generous interior space – optimum functionality is particularly important in the sub-compact segment.

The car’s compact format makes the Mii the perfect companion for urban environments. Yet, thanks to its optimum use of space, it offers plenty of room for four adults. With a volume of 251 litres the Mii also boasts one of the largest luggage compartments in its class, expanding to an impressive 951 litres with the rear seat back folded.
When it comes to technology and equipment, the five-door Mii matches its three-door sibling blow for blow. Beneath the bonnet lies a new generation of engines; the frugal 1.0 litre three-cylinder unit is light, compact and smooth. In two outputs of 60 PS and 75 PS, it ensures fleet-footed agility, and not just in city traffic. With top speeds of 160 km/h and 171 km/h respectively, fuel consumption comes in at just 4.5 or 4.7 litres per 100 kilometres. Meanwhile the Mii’s 35-litre fuel tank ensures both a long range and enduring driving fun.

About SEAT: SEAT is the only company in its sector with the capacity to design, develop, manufacture and market cars in Spain. A member of the Volkswagen Group, the multinational has its headquarters in Martorell, near Barcelona, and exports approximately 75% of its production to 72 countries.

SEAT is the market leader in Spain and, in 2010, reached a turnover amounting to 4.7 billion euros, with total sales of 339,500 vehicles.

All new SEAT vehicles purchased from an authorised SEAT dealer in the United Kingdom qualify for a three-year car warranty consisting of a two-year unlimited mileage manufacturer’s warranty and a third year warranty with a 60,000 miles limitation. Information on car finance can be obtained from the SEAT website, along with further on information on a number of motoring matters, such as where to find winter tyres.


Track and Field News: Felix Sanchez Sets Indoor World Record in Two Consecutive Races

Oxygen4Energy Athlete, Felix Sanchez, recently broke the Indoor 400m Hurdles World Record twice in two consecutive competitions, beating the previous World Record set back in 2010 by nearly a full second!

LAKE FOREST, CA, February 24, 2012  — Felix Sanchez (also known as El Super Sanchez) is one of the most decorated 400m Hurdlers in history. To his name, he already has an Olympic Gold Medal, 2 Outdoor World Championships, 2 Pan American Championships and numerous other accolades. This past week, the 34 year old Sanchez made history again by breaking the Indoor World Record in two consecutive races by nearly half a second in each race.

The previous World Record of 49.73 seconds was set in 2010 by Sanchez as well. On February 4th, Sanchez competed in Mondeville, France, finishing his race in 49.25 seconds, nearly half a second faster than his previous record. Two weeks later, he raced again in France at the same track where he set the record back in 2010. This time, he broke the World Record again, finishing in just 48.78 seconds. This was nearly half a second faster than the record he had just set two weeks prior and nearly 1 second faster than his 2010 record setting performance.

Sanchez joined the Oxygen4Energy team of athletes about half way through the 2011 season because he had heard so many good things about their product and how it was helping other top track athletes like Kellie Wells, Danielle Carruthers, Brittney Reese, David Neville, and others increase their training capacity, reduce their recovery times, and perform better in competition.

According to Sanchez, “Oxygen4Energy has been a great addition to my training regimen. I’m training harder than ever, I’m recovering faster than ever, my body feels great and my competitive performances so far this year are a reflection of all that. I’m really excited to see how things turn out this year in what may be my last run at an Olympic medal.”

After these amazing performances, one thing is very clear. El Super Sanchez is back! And he has his sights set on London!

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Whittard of Chelsea Releases Perfect ‘Cuppa’ Guide Ahead of Bumper Tea-Making Day – Mothering Sunday

The UK Tea Council expects more than 165 million cups of tea to be drunk in the UK this Mothering Sunday. As the annual homage to Mothers approaches, millions of sons and daughters around the country are planning to serve breakfast in bed.

OXFORDSHIRE, ENGLAND, February 24, 2012  — The UK Tea Council expects more than 165 million cups of tea to be drunk in the UK this Mothering Sunday. As the annual homage to Mothers approaches, millions of sons and daughters around the country are planning to serve breakfast in bed including the ultimate ‘cuppa’ for the celebrated women in their lives. Tea and coffee specialists Whittard of Chelsea, who have already identified a pre-Mother’s Day tea selling surge, have today released their expert guide to making the perfect cuppa.

Every year, Whittard of Chelsea monitors the Mother’s Day effect, estimated to be one of the biggest tea-making days of the year. Selling over 130 varieties of tea, Whittard last year saw a +32% surge in sales of tea gifts in the run up to Mothering Sunday. So far this year, the firm tea favourites are – unsurprisingly – English Breakfast tea and Earl Grey. However, sales of speciality flavours such as English Rose tea and Orange Blossom tea are also creeping up.

Says Fiona Robinson of Whittard of Chelsea’s head office in Oxfordshire:
“A cup of tea in bed is one of life’s simple pleasures, and one that children can help prepare at any age to spoil the lady of the house. Whittard starts to see a real peak in sales about two weeks before Mother’s Day as people come in to buy their favourite teas, along with pretty bone china to make a celebration out of the perfect cuppa. Tea gifts also sell very well for Mother’s Day with year’s best sellers including tea caddies, leaf tea with silver-plated infusers and tea selection boxes.”

Whittard of Chelsea’s Expert Guide to Making the Perfect Cuppa

1) Choose the right blend to suit your mood – Deciding on the right blend – whether loose leaf or a teabag – to suit your mood and individual taste is key. Many people have on average three blends in their cupboard for exactly this reason. Great wake-up teas for Mother’s Day include classic English Breakfast or Assam. 2) Delicate cup and saucer or comforting chunky mug? Many swear that tea tastes better from fine bone china. Fine bone china cups are lighter and more delicate than ceramic mugs and keep the tea hotter for longer. However, nothing will do but a great big comfortingmug of strong tea. 3) Is it a full tea tray moment? Mother’s Day offers the perfect opportunity to produce a proper ‘tea moment’ complete with laden tray, sugar lumps, strainer, tea pot and milk jug. 4) Always use freshly drawn water either from the cold tap or even better, filtered. Pre-heated water loses oxygen and dulls the flavour of the tea. 5) Are you in a Milk Mood? Some teas are considered best without milk but it’s all a matter of taste. For example, Earl Grey has a very delicate flavour so only requires a dash of milk, whilst some prefer it without milk and just a slice of lemon. 6) Boiling is best – Pour the boiling water straight into the cup as soon as it’s boiled. Boiling water brings the tea to life

1) Warm the pot with a dash of water. It creates a better brewing temperature 2) Measure your tea leaves carefully -Very strong dark type of teas; 3 or 4 teaspoons per 6 cup pot -Medium strength teas, possibly drunk black. 2 teaspoons -Lighter teas, enjoyed without milk. Use 1 teaspoon of leaves 3) Optimum brewing time for tea leaves is 3 to 5 minutes – Less does not extract the full flavour, more and it can become bitter. 4) Stop what you’re doing, pour and enjoy!