TravelShark(TM) Counts User Votes and Names Three Charity Partners for TravelSharkPix

Oceana, the Cheetah Conservation Fund, and People in Crisis United to receive donations from TravelShark’s new travel photo-sharing application, SharkPix.

SINGAPORE, February 28, 2012 TravelShark announced today that it has chosen Oceana, the Cheetah Conservation Fund, and People in Crisis United as the charity partners who will receive donations from the company’s new socially enabled photo-sharing application, TravelSharkPix. These three organizations secured the most user votes in the SharkPix Charity Hunt – during which users from around the world supported their favorite charities.

SharkPix allows travelers to share their favorite trip photos with other travelers on the application. TravelShark displays the best SharkPix pictures across its global network of travel sites – including,,,, and more – with attributions to the photographers. For every photo accepted by SharkPix, the company will donate between $0.10 and $0.25 to its new charity partners.

The three winning charities support a wide range of causes around the world.
– Oceana is an international non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and restoring the world’s oceans.
– The Cheetah Conservation Fund is a globally recognized leader in conservation efforts related to cheetahs and their ecosystems.
– People in Crisis United, an organization created in response to the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, works to make all patients and their families comfortable during their stays at Holtz Children’s Hospital through art, music, and pet therapy.

“The response from TravelShark’s user base to the crowd-sourced ‘hunt’ for charity partners was overwhelming,” said Sue Heilbronner, CEO of TravelShark. “We received thousands of votes for the candidate organizations, representing a global articulation of the causes our users care about the most. We’re excited by the diversity of the causes our users chose.”

“Oceana is thrilled to be named a winner of the TravelShark Charity Hunt and we’re incredibly grateful to all of those who voted for Oceana and ocean conservation,” said Matt Littlejohn, Vice President, Strategic Marketing & Communications. “We’ll use the proceeds to keep on winning victories for our seas around the world. The oceans – and Oceana – thank you!”

About TravelShark | TravelShark is the world’s largest online travel network, with thousands of location-based travel websites for destinations around the globe. TravelShark connects global travelers with hyper-local travel solutions and memorable trips. TravelShark recently launched the Sharky Awards, recognizing unique and unexpected “finds” in travel, and TravelSharkPix, which allows people to share their favorite trip photos with fellow travelers looking for inspiration for their next trip. The company’s content-rich websites – including,, and – help hotels and resorts generate profitable revenue for travel companies by driving direct bookings through TravelShark’s Featured Hotel Program. TravelShark is headquartered in Singapore, with a U.S. office in Boulder, Colorado. To learn more, visit, or call +1-720-239-1280 or +65 6734 8515.

About Oceana | Oceana is the largest international advocacy group working solely to protect the world’s oceans. Oceana wins policy victories for the oceans using science-based campaigns. Since 2001, we have protected over 1.2 million square miles of ocean and innumerable sea turtles, sharks, dolphins and other sea creatures. More than 500,000 supporters have already joined Oceana. Global in scope, Oceana has offices in North, South and Central America and Europe. To learn more, please visit

About Cheetah Conservation Fund | With over 20 years helping to save the wild cheetah worldwide, the CCF develops education and conservation programmes based on its bio-medical and ecological cheetah research. Since 1990, CCF has presented educational programs to more than 350,000 outreach school learners, farmers and conservation biologists; donated nearly 400 livestock guarding dogs to commercial and communal farmers as part of its innovative non-lethal livestock management program; and has established a genome resource bank that currently holds the world’s largest wild cheetah database. However, despite the many successes of CCF programs, the cheetah is still Africa’s most endangered big cat with approximately 10,000 cheetahs remaining. To learn more please visit

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