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Today In History – March 1, 2012

1826 – J.H. Hackett of New York debuted in Love in a Village at the Park Theatre in New York City. One month later, he played in London, England, becoming the first American actor to appear abroad.

1867 – The Cornhusker State, aka the Beef State, aka the Tree Planter State, aka Nebraska (37th state), entered the United States of America. Nebraska means ‘flat water’ in Oto Indian speak. Lincoln is the official seat of Nebraska government. Nebraska’s motto: Equality before the law. The western meadowlark holds the honor of being the state bird; while the goldenrod takes its place as the state flower. Other state symbols include the cottonwood tree (state tree); the honeybee (state insect); blue agate (state gemstone); whitetail deer (state mammal); mammoth (state fossil); prairie agate (state rock); Beautiful Nebraska (state song) … that’s original … and, the state soil: typic arguistolls, Holrege Series. State soil?

1869 – Postage stamps depicting scenes were issued for the first time in the U.S.

1873 – E. Remington and Sons of Ilion, NY began the manufacturing of the first practical typewriter. The strong as steel, heavy black clunkers became instant fixtures in offices across the country. It would be another half-century before electric typewriters made their appearance.

1890 – Readers picked up copies of the Literary Digest for the first time.

1912 – Captain Albert Berry of the Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis, MO made the first parachute jump from a moving airplane. He jumped from an altitude of 1,500 feet at a speed of 50 mph.

1928 – Paul Whiteman and his orchestra recorded Ol’ Man River for Victor Records. The featured vocalist on the track was 29-year-old Paul Robeson. The song became an American classic.

1932 – Radio’s greatest effort of on-the-spot news coverage began as NBC and CBS radio rushed to Hopewell, NJ to cover the kidnapping of the Charles and Anne Lindbergh baby.

1937 – U.S. Steel raised workers’ wages. If you were a steelworker, you got a raise to $5 a day. That’s right. About 40 cents an hour. Now, punch that time clock and quit your complaining.

1941 – Duffy’s Tavern debuted on CBS radio — and became a popular hit for 10 years.

1949 – ‘The Brown Bomber’, Joe Louis, announced that he was retiring from boxing as world heavyweight boxing champion. Louis held the title longer than any other champ — 11 years, eight months and seven days.

1968 – Country music stars Johnny Cash and June Carter got married on this day. Johnny walked down the aisle knowing that his 1956 hit, Folsom Prison Blues, was about to be redone for a June release. Cash has a daughter, Rosanne, (previous marriage) who became a country star in her own right in the 1980s.

1968 – Elton John’s first record, I’ve Been Loving You, was released by Philips Records in England. Philips, not realizing the potential of the soon-to-be superstar, released him in 1969, just prior to his teaming with lyricist Bernie Taupin. Elton then signed a contract with Uni Records and began to turn out what would become a string of more than 50 hits over the next 25 years.

1969 – Mickey Mantle announced his retirement from baseball on this day. ‘Number 7’ was considered to be the final link to the great Yankee dynasty of the 1950s and 1960s. Mantle’s World Series records include: home runs (18), runs scored (42), RBIs (40), walks (43) and strikeouts (54). Mickey Mantle died in 1995.

1985 – A Beatles song was used for the first time in a U.S. TV commercial. The rights for Lincoln-Mercury to use the song, HELP!, cost $100,000, helping boost the fortunes of the automaker known as Ford Motor Company.

1986 – Mr. Mister’s Kyrie rose to #1 on in the U.S. The single was a track from the album Welcome to the Real World, which became the #1 album in the U.S. this day.

1987 – The Boston Celtics defeated Detroit 112-102 to post win number 2,235.

1987 – S&H Green Stamps became S&H Green Seals on this day, 90 years after the lick-and-stick stamps were introduced as a way for businesses to bonus their customers — who then used the stamps to buy merchandise from catalog stores. The stamps became peel-and-seal stamps along with the name change.

1996 – Up Close & Personal opened in U.S. theatres. The romantic drama stars Robert Redford, Michelle Pfeiffer, Stockard Channing and Joe Mantegna. A song from the flick, Because You Loved Me, was nominated for Best Music and Song at the 1997 Academy Awards.

1999 – Some 130 nations agreed to a United Nations Treaty banning land mines which went into effect this day. The U.S., Russia and China did not sign the treaty.

International Bestselling Author Neil Strauss Releases New Party Game with Hasbro Game Inventor Thanks to Facebook – “Who’s Got Game?” is the Ultimate Party Game with ‘Game!’

Seven-time New York Times bestselling author Neil Strauss, the mastermind behind the international bestselling pickup artist books The Game and Rules of the Game, is back with one question in mind: “Who’s Got Game?”.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, March 01, 2012 — As a journalist for Rolling Stone and The New York Times, Strauss has interviewed celebrities from Lady Gaga to Tom Cruise to Howard Stern and hundreds more. He’s picked up Brittany Spears and wooed Jessica Alba on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Now he’s taken all that knowledge and experience about social dynamics and packed it into the ultimate party game called “Who’s Got Game?”

The Backstory: How Facebook Paved the Way for Turning the Game from a Dream into a Reality:
How did “Who’s Got Game?” come to be? Through social networking, a young entrepreneur & Hasbro game inventor, Internet persuasion, and a seven-time New York Times bestselling author.

Co-creator Adam Kornblum sold his first game to Hasbro (the giants behind Monopoly, Cranium, and Trivial Pursuit) by creating a fictitious billionaire on Facebook to promote his first game. The fictitious billionaire landed in the Wall Street Journal and became so popular that Hasbro’s CEO caught wind of him and the game. Hasbro later invited Kornblum in (on Facebook) and they released his first game. Kornblum attributes his ability to get to Hasbro through mastering Strauss’ methods on social media sites like Facebook.

Following that, Kornblum created the initial concept for “Who’s Got Game?” He tried it out only to see how much everyone loved it. He then messaged Neil Strauss on Facebook. After two years of deep collaboration, play testing, and having a blast, “Who’s Got Game?” is here to bridge the gap between the digital and real worlds, from online conversations to in-person hang outs.

How to be a Player in “Who’s Got Game?”:

IMPORTANT! You must be 18 years old or older to read this (and play “Who’s Got Game?”).

Players start by coupling up into teams of two. The first player picks up a script card from the card holder and reads it aloud. The card tells all the players what to do next. There are 10 different types of cards. They include:

Revealing personality tests, fun physical challenges, social intelligence questions, secret persuasion missions (Neil’s favorite), handwriting analysis and palm-reading games, partner-based conspiracies, and more.

As Neil said in last month’s Huffington Post article “How to Win Friends and Influence Girls”: “It (“Who’s Got Game?”) had to be just as fun for men to play as women. In other words, it had to be a party game that’s primary purpose is fun and social lubrication. It had to allow a player to move through the real-life steps of the game with a partner they were romantically or sexually interested in (rapport, connection, attraction, kino-getting physical). It had to also serve as a teaching tool, so anyone learning the Game could easily add new material to their repertoire. It had to be superior to every other game out there.” -Neil Strauss, seven-time New York Times bestselling author
“Who’s Got Game?” is available at Barnes & Noble stores nationwide ( and on For more information, visit

More About Neil Strauss: Neil began his writing career at the age of 11, when he wrote his first book and mailed it to a dozen publishing companies. He never received a response. Unfazed by rejection, he kept writing, almost to the point where his life was consumed by it. He became a contributing editor at Rolling Stone and a staff writer for The New York Times.

After going undercover in a secret society of pickup artists, he finally started leaving the house, and then wrote a book about it called The Game that became a New York Times bestseller. He wrote a few other best-selling books too: The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell with Marilyn Manson, The Dirt with Motley Crue, How To Make Love Like A Porn Star with Jenna Jameson, and recently, Rules of The Game and Emergency.

His latest book, Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead, collects the 228 best, craziest, and most soul-baring moments from his adventures with musicians, celebrities, and icons while writing cover stories for Rolling Stone and The New York Times. It also hit The New York Times bestseller list.
Neil lives in Los Angeles.

More about “Who’s Got Game?”: “Who’s Got Game?” adds a new twist to being social and can be played anywhere. Whether or not you’re currently a player or playette, there is more game in this box than in most people’s brains. Play it for fun, for training, or for a better social lubricator than alcohol. Like The Game itself, these cards can be used to break the ice and get to know people–whether strangers or your own partner–in minutes.

“Who’s Got Game?” is engineered to bring out the fun and attractive qualities in every player. From physical challenges to personality tests to secret conspiracies, “Who’s Got Game?” has it all. So if you’re looking to turn an ordinary night into a memorable adventure, this is the game for you.

Press Contacts: Liam Collopy President LCO – Levine Communications Office Inc. 9100 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 540 E. Tower Beverly Hills, CA 90212 E: T: 310.300.0950 x 308

David Halperin Account Executive LCO – Levine Communications Office Inc. 9100 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 540 E. Tower Beverly Hills, CA 90212 E: T: 310.300.0950 x 317

Titanic Disaster Centenary Inspires Publication by the Darwin Press of the Authentic Love Story of Two Survivors: Starboard at Midnight by Helen Behr Sanford

How did these two passengers manage to survive the doomed Titanic after she struck the iceberg? What IS the true story of this sensationalized, romantic pair on that titanic night of April 14-15, 1912, and of their subsequent lives?

PRINCETON, NJ, March 01, 2012 — Although the Titanic disaster is widely known, the authentic story of the lovers, tennis star Karl H. Behr and Helen Newsom, is little known…until now. This new, definitive biography, Starboard at Midnight, written by their granddaughter, brings to light the long-buried secrets of these two survivors, breathing new life into legend.

Based on Karl Behr’s unpublished autobiography (now in the Tennis Hall of Fame, Newport, RI) along with family scrapbooks and more than ten years of research into the historical background of this period, the full story of this epic romance is finally revealed.

Author Helen Behr Sanford, who lived next door to her namesake grandmother for fourteen years, captures the fascinating lives of these lovers in their journey through the early years of the twentieth century, and highlights the brilliant tennis career of Karl Behr.

A biography of adventure and romance, Starboard at Midnight reaches its climax on the fatal voyage of the Titanic and expands to explore the fate of many German-Americans during the Great War. It is also a story of patriotism and sacrifice that cannot be thwarted despite prejudice and blind judgment. Buoyed by extensive research into the world surrounding Karl and Helen, along with 38 plates and 6 photographs, the tale engages our view of Theodore Roosevelt and the Edwardian era as well as helping us better understand how history evolved.

“An intimate literary gem… The shrewd analysis of a love story…” –Randy Bryan Bigham, … 13943.html

The Darwin Press, Inc. ( publishes books in the fields of biology and the natural sciences, the Middle East and Central Asia, World Business, scientific monographs, historical memoirs, and related paperbacks and texts. Many of our authors are leaders in their field of scholarly and technical expertise. For further information, please contact us at 609-737-1349 or by email at

The Buzz of Today’s Bachelorette Parties, According to

Top trends of bachelorette party planning.

LOS ANGELES, CA, March 01, 2012 — Planning a bachelorette party in 2012 is far different than the centuries old tradition of a dinner party given by the bridegroom. Recently, the film Bridesmaids brought to light the stereotypical zaniness that can occur during, what is termed, “The Last Night Out.” It is believed this night grew out of the 60s sexual revolution, where bachelorettes could be as sassy as the groomsmen, including a night out with exotic dancers, crazy themes, and the ever popular drinking and dancing on bars.

Today’s bachelorettes throw a wide variety of parties that involve more than just the stereotypical events and entertainment. Michael Lasky, Founder and President of I-Volution, Inc., who owns and operates the number one ranked bachelor and bachelorette websites, including,,, states that he has seen an ever increasing shift in what girls are requesting and planning for their bachelorette parties. “Many bachelorette party planners call and state they are planning a weekend get-a-way trip, having a cooking class, throwing an exotic dance class or ‘toy’ party, experiencing a spa day, having a manicure/pedicure party and even going retro by having a classic tea time, wearing large hats and ugly bridesmaid dresses.”

Mr. Lasky stated that he has been involved in helping over 50,000 bachelorette parties as he and his team are getting ready to celebrate their 11th anniversary online, with millions of visitors obtaining free information from their pre-wedding party network of websites every year. Although Lasky reported the exotic dancer directory (where women can find companies that supply male dancers in their area throughout the country) is still one of the most popular spots in the network, he also stated that bachelorette party games, party planning, exotic dance lessons, and the bachelorette party supply sections are very popular as well. “In this economy, we are seeing more home parties with pot luck dinner planning which can still be a great time for everyone,” says Lasky. Of course, the most important part of any bachelorette party is that the bride-to-be and her friends have a great time with lots of fun memories, no matter what they do.

About I-Volution, Inc – Located in Southern California, I-Volution, Inc. owns the largest pre-wedding party and lifestyle websites, including,,,,,, and I-Volution, Inc. is considered a top portal of the pre-wedding party industry.