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VANCOUVER, BC, March 05, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ — PuckProspect.com (www.puckprospect.com) not only helps hockey prospects on how to look good, but get noticed too.

Hockey Scouting and hockey recruiting is not a science. A hockey scout can not just add their favorite ingredients to a blender, combine them together, and produce their number one ideal recruit. Hockey Scouts have a real dilemma. They know what their organization needs because they’ve been told what to look for, they’ve identified the ingredients that should produce the right player, and they’ve been given the mandate to go out and find that player. The problem lays in the reality that they have only a limited amount of time to accomplish their task.

Even if they’ve found their player, they may not be in time to sign him, or her. They can not be in two places at one time and their problem is compounded by the competitive nature of hockey scouting given the thousands of scouts already jockeying for face time with highly coveted prospects. Also, beyond ‘Top Prospects’, there have been, and will always be, hockey players that are not highly visible for a variety of reasons. These players are often overlooked by scouts for the very reason we’ve mentioned, scouts don’t have enough time to see every player out there.

The solution of course is to put the vast pool of hockey players wanting to get scouted and recruited, in front of hockey scouts and hockey recruiters who don’t have the time to see them, directly, quickly, and effectively. The worries of so many scouts missing out on excellent players are alleviated now that players can be proactive and contact scouts, recruiters, coaches, and teams, directly themselves. As a member of PuckProspect.com, hockey scouts, hockey recruiters and hockey coaches can simply access the database of yet untapped hockey talent from the comfort of their homes or offices, and in the process, leverage their time and expenses. What a simple hockey scouting solution, only found on PuckProspect.com.

Whether hockey prospects use youtube or a skype free download to communicate with interested scouts and coaches, or, click www facebook com to share their hockey talents, the internet continues to offer the most engaging platform to hockey scouting and hockey recruiting.

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