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Prompt Proofing Blog Post: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips

This month’s post on writing tips focuses on search engine optimization (SEO).

VANCOUVER, BC, March 16, 2012  — A large part of Prompt Proofing’s business consists of writing press releases and articles or writing blog posts designed primarily for SEO. We generally advise clients that frequently updated content helps search engine rankings – therefore publishing a blog, for example, and updating it regularly, will help direct traffic to your site. This is true. Putting out regular press releases will also help. Some customers, however, have budgets that only allow for occasional press releases and they understandably wish to obtain the best SEO results from perhaps one press release or article.

What you are trying to achieve, when selecting keywords and phrases for SEO, is to direct traffic to your website. It is therefore useful to put yourself in a potential customer’s shoes. If you were looking for the service or product that your company provides, what terms would you type into a search engine? List the terms you think are most likely, or possibly ask a friend to do this for you. Keywords can work but phrases of two to four words are even better.

Imagine you are looking for someone to paint your house; if you simply search “painters” you are likely to find long lists of artists. Selecting “house painters” will get you more relevant results. Location is key for any physical, location-dependent business. If you live in Denver then you might search for “house painters in Denver”. If you actually have a house painting business in Denver, then this would clearly be an effective key phrase. Perhaps you also specialize in low-VOC paints; in this case again, you have a clear key phrase. Ensure that each press release/blog post or article, includes the linked key phrases “house painters in Denver”, “low-VOC paints” or possibly “environmentally-friendly painters” or “organic-compound painters”.

Similarly, if you run a vegan restaurant in Tucson then “vegan restaurants” or even better “vegan restaurants in Tucson” or possibly “Tucson vegan restaurants” are likely to be effective key phrases. If your business is not location dependent then focus more on different terms that customers might use in a search. If you offer web design online then key phrases would be “web design”, “web designers”, “online web designers” or “website designers”. You can, in all likelihood, include all four likely variants in each blog post or press release that you publish.

Whatever you do, introduce your chosen key phrases as naturally as possible. Some businesses make the mistake of stringing together keywords and key phrases in almost meaningless prose. This will lose you readers and may well result in your being reported for spamming, which could mean that Google bans all your future writing efforts! Ideally, around four linked keywords or key phrases in a 200-300 word press release, for example, is an acceptable number. Each word or phrase should be surrounded by formatting code or HTML code to create a link to your website.

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Wear Your Green And Eat It, Too

Bruegger’s celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with green bagels

BURLINGTON, VT, March 16, 2012  — This St. Patrick’s Day, Bruegger’s will help spread the luck of the Irish with its famous, hot-from-the-oven green bagels. An annual tradition that started at a Pittsburgh Bruegger’s in 1997, the good luck bagels will be available to guests at participating bakeries across the nation on March 16 and March 17, while supplies last.

Bruegger’s makes the once-a-year bagels by adding a touch of Irish magic to its traditional bagel dough and baking it fresh in the New York style at each of its bakeries. Guests love the festive St. Patrick’s Day treat — Bruegger’s sold more than 100,000 green bagels in 2011!

For a complete list of bakeries, go to:

About Bruegger’s Enterprises, Inc
Bruegger’s Enterprises, Inc. (BEI), a leader in the fast casual restaurant segment, operates 300 Bruegger’s bakeries in North America. Renowned for its award winning bagels, Bruegger’s offers a wide variety of freshly prepared breakfast and lunch options made with high quality, simple ingredients served with its unique brand of hospitality. Bruegger’s is dedicated to the communities it serves and supports charitable causes locally and nationally. BEI’s parent company, Groupe Le Duff, SA, is the world’s second largest company in the bakery- cafe sector. Founded in 1983, BEI is headquartered in Burlington, Vt. and was a recent winner of Nation’s Restaurant News’ Golden Chain Award. For more information, please visit, become a fan on Facebook at or follow us on Twitter @Brueggers.

Clarity for Consumers, Inc. and the ITRC Unite to Help Consumers Fight ID Theft

The ITRC & Clarity for Consumers have positioned their efforts to provide free identity theft mitigation & credit report services for free or for minimal costs.

CLEARWATER, FL, March 16, 2012  – To further educate and offer affordable and helpful resources for non-prime consumers, the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) and Clarity for Consumers have positioned their efforts to provide free identity theft mitigation and credit report services for free or for minimal costs.

The Identity Theft Resource Center is a nationally recognized non-profit organization which provides toll-free no-cost services to consumers and identity theft victims. Almost 40,000 individuals have availed themselves of no charge ITRC services in the past five years, while millions have used the ITRC website and social networking services to educate themselves on identity theft, fraud, and scams.

“As a service agency that provides free assistance to thousands of victims each year, many of modest means, we are thrilled to partner with Clarity for Consumers in helping provide assistance to consumers nationwide,” said Rex Davis, Director of Operations at the ITRC. “We share a common interest in providing awareness, education, and support to the underserved.”

Consumers who are unable to afford fraud resolution services are able to contact the ITRC and find assistance for issues such as: identity theft, financial fraud, scams, and privacy. ITRC provides free assistance in mitigating their financial fraud case, governmental identity theft, criminal identity theft, child identity theft, and more.

“In light of the recent business transactions, like the purchase of ID Analytics, Inc. by LifeLock, Inc., it is evident that there is a need for a resource available to them to address the issues of identity theft and protection services,” said Tim Ranney, president and founder of Clarity Services, Inc. “There is a segment of the population that needs these services, but simply cannot afford them.” said Ranney.

The Clarity Credit Report, provided by Clarity Services, Inc., is available exclusively from the Clarity for Consumers website for less than a dollar. The site also provides visitors with educational materials that guide them through their report, articles on improving credit standing, and more. Non-prime consumers can learn about this credit report which is widely used in the alternative financial services market and which they need to understand the value of its contents and their credit standing.

“Our partnership with the ITRC is one more step in the right direction to providing consumers with all the tools and resources needed to understand their credit, and how the value and benefits of Clarity for Consumers and the ITRC will place them at an advantage in understanding their available credit options, and resources to assist them” stated Alice Vassel, Executive Director for Clarity for Consumers.

Both the ITRC and Clarity for Consumers strive to help non-prime individuals who may not be able to afford the valuable services necessary or control access over their personal information and credit status. Educational and resource services include fraud resolution, credit education, and access to their Clarity Credit Report.

Visit for more information on the ITRC’s services and no-cost assistance and to find out more about the Clarity Credit Report and education on understanding creditworthiness.

With over 26 million unique Social Security Numbers, Clarity Services provides powerful reporting products on under banked, subprime, thin file consumers with real-time consumer data to facilitate fraud detection, risk management and more. A series of fully customizable configurations help businesses make educated decision choices to meet individual business needs and help reduce investment losses.

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