Press Release Distribution – 200,000 What?

Site update:

Press release distribution site is closing in quickly on its 200,000’th distributed press release.

The press release site was launched in 2004.   The site rose quickly in popularity and has become a toolkit staple by many SEO, Marketing and PR companies due to bulk discounts, phenomenal visibility and extremely competitive  price point.

“We are continually receiving great feedback from our customers on not just afford ability of the service, however the visibility received. ” advised Michael Iwasaki, managing partner.

At only $89, clients receive a proof of distribution report with links showing their press release on a few partnering sites, ability to add unlimited backlinks, video, images and keywords all helping to boost SEO (search engine optimization).

Every press release (trial and paid) are reviewed by our editors, and not all of them make publication.  The site has received close to 500,000 press releases to publish 200,000.

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