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I was looking around the web to find some basic straight forward information on SEO that I could share with those interested.  I managed to come across a fantastic article that hit the nail on the head.  Nick has an amazing blog loaded with information.  I wanted to share the article with you, here it is:

10 SEO Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Writing by Nick Stamoulis


Search engine optimization is one of those things that has created many different opinions on every single effort that is associated with the practice. Over the years there have been lots of different ideas and feeling surrounding the way people conduct search engine optimization but the reality is that there is more than one way to do.

Here is a list of 10 SEO facts that could blow your mind!

1. It is not invisible: You might not be able to put your hands on it right away but there are ways to physically see and feel movement. A search engine marketing company should be able to identify exactly what it is that they are doing each month. You should be able to physically see the efforts that have been conducted. If they tell you that it is their own secret recipe I would be very wary about this because there is no secret recipe when it comes to search engine marketing.

2. It takes time:
Regardless of what you do or how much money you pour into your SEO efforts your rankings are not going to grow over night. Things take time and if you are in a competitive space things might take even longer. You will see some movement fairly soon but cold hard rankings really don’t happen right away. You need to be patient and wait your turn.

3. Trickery does not work:
Try to get the idea of performing any trickery on your website out of your head because you could end up just landing yourself a penalty in the search engines. Black hat SEO only creates short winded rankings that never really stick around for the long term.

4. PPC does not help you rankings: If you are wondering if PPC advertising helps your organic rankings at all it doesn’t in any way. Even if you received a penalty on your website you can opt in to Google Adwords and fire of a PPC account.

5. You need millions of links:
False, you need good solid one way links pointing to your website that occur naturally. The ones that occur naturally are usually telling the search engines that you are an awesome source of information and for that you will be rewarded…overtime.

6. Pagerank is everything:
Another false here. Pagerank was created by Google to give a webpage power. That power does not mean you are going to rank or be successful. All it means is that you have received a high number in your toolbar for that particular page which ultimately really doesn’t mean anything to the outside world.

7. Nobody is partnered with Google:
If anyone ever tells you over the phone that they have a direct relationship with Google they are most likely lying to get the business in through the door. Nobody has a relationship with Google and if they tell you they do I would run far away.

8. Buying links is bad: People out there still seem to think it is ok to purchase a link for their website. The search engines have come out repeatedly to let the industry know that buying a link is very frowned upon. Sometimes however you can’t avoid it. For example you want to be in the Business.com directory and that costs $299 per/year. In situations like this it is ok but going through a text broker is not good and should be avoided at all costs.

9. Google analytics gives Google too much info:
Who cares if they know how many people clicked on your site? Google doesn’t care and they only use it to strengthen their search tool. If you are worried about them spying don’t be cutting corners on your website and everything will be hunky dory.

10. SEO is one time: SEO is a journey through the valleys and over mountains through the depths of the forests! No seriously it never stops. SEO is something that is constantly moving because it is the process of marketing your business online proactively.

There are many myths and legends about search engine optimization out there but you have to understand that not all of them are true or false. Your best bet is to read through credible sources online that are trusted and educate yourself as much as possible before you enter the world of SEO.

Nicks article says it all perfectly.  The complete article and much more information may be found at: http://www.searchengineoptimizationjournal.com/2011/01/12/seo-facts-mind

Thank you Nick!

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