Indicators of Websites to Stay Away from When Link Building

While it’s important to build inbound links pointing to your site for SEO purposes, you don’t want to build links from any old site.  Any Internet user knows that there are a lot of bad websites out there.  The search engines know it too and develop complex algorithms to try and keep these low quality, spammy websites hidden deep down within a search result so that they are difficult to find.  The search engines don’t want to reward these kinds of sites and if you have a link from a low quality site, it could convey to the search engines that your site is a low quality site too.  Just like in high school, you want to be associated with the “cool” crowd, or the websites that are viewed favorably by the search engines.  Usually common sense can tell you which sites are “bad” and which are “good”, but here is a reminder.  If a website has any of these traits, don’t include it in your link building efforts:

Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

A professional website shouldn’t have spelling or grammar errors, however sometimes a mistake can sneak by.  If you come across one tiny mistake, there’s no need to forget the link.  However, if there are lots of spelling and grammar mistakes that affect the user experience, it probably means that the content was written haphazardly and was most likely written by an overseas content writer that is most likely scraping and spinning content from other sources.

Excessive Keyword Use

Keywords are an important part of the online content creation process.  Ultimately, they tell the search engine what a page is about so that it can get ranked accordingly.  It’s important that keywords flow naturally throughout the content so that the visitor doesn’t even notice that it is optimized.  If you find that every sentence includes a keyword, and that it ruins the “flow” of the content the site is clearly over-optimized and can face a search engine penalty for it.

No Visual Appeal

Quality content may be the most important factor of a good website, but design and usability are also important.  If you come across a website or a blog that appears as if the owner put no thought whatsoever into the look, it could be a spam site.

Unrelated Content

Each website should serve a clear purpose and attract a certain niche.  If a website has content on a wide range of topics that are in no way related to each other, it’s probably a link network site that holds no value.

No Social Integration

A website owner that is serious about their website or blog should understand the importance of social media and incorporate sharing aspects into the website content.  This may not be a deal breaker for not getting a link, but you always want to try and build links on sites where there is maximum traffic potential, which is limited without social integration.

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