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Mexico’s aerospace industry has made significant strides during the last several years.

TUCSON, AZ, May 09, 2012, Sourcing professional, Mike Smith, recently spoke with The Offshore Group concerning his four and one half year experience developing a Mexico supply chain for a major aerospace OEM.

Over the course of the approximately thirty minute session, Smith provides a West to East, North to South geographic overview of the composition of Mexico’s rapidly developing aerospace industry that examines electronics and non-complex subassemblies in Mexicali and Baja California; aero engine parts in Guaymas, Sonora; aero structures in Chihuahua, a diversity of aerospace related activities in Monterrey; repair, maintenance and overhaul activities in Queretaro, and the emergence of Guadalajara as an area of high-tech specialization.

When visiting the site of each of Mexico’s principle aerospace manufacturing clusters, Smith took note of a young, Mexican workforce eager to acquire the skills necessary to work for companies that are taking their places in Mexico’s aerospace supply chain.

He noted that, “Mexico graduates several thousand engineers a year. They are enthusiastic young people, and are looking for the opportunity to qualify for jobs in the Mexican aerospace industry. They are signing up for industry training activities, and are continuing their studies with regard to operating machinery, assuring part quality, as well as in other areas necessary to perform in a modern manufacturing environment.”

Smith is a member of a group called IMAC (the Independent Mexico Advisory Council). Its members help small and mid-sized aerospace companies seeking to establish facilities in Mexico to support OEM activities as part of their growing supply chain efforts. IMAC assists manufacturers in finding synergies, and also with provides guidance with federal, state and local government issues related to Mexico’s growing aerospace industry.

The Offshore Group is the largest provider of outsourced business support, “shelter” services in Mexico. Currently 61 businesses operate at The Offshore Group’s three Mexico manufacturing industrial parks in the State of Sonora, the city of Saltillo, Coahuila, and at the Group’s Vangtel subsidiary in Hermosillo. Vangtel offers Mexico shelter services to companies that occupy the call center, IT development and BPO markets, while the International Logistic Solutions Company (ILS) is a leading provider of supply chain services. The Offshore Group has recently initiated operations in Mexico’s second largest city, Guadalajara. Sign up to receive information via Offshore Group RSS Feeds.


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