SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tip: The Importance of Good Content

Despite what you may have heard, one rule should always be remembered when tackling SEO: Good content trumps SEO every time.

SEO expert Matt Cutts discussed this in a recent article, and posted a video addressing the issue (see below).

This rule is based on the premise that Google wants to ensure it is rewarding sites that post quality content, even if their optimization is poor. This is why Cutts recommends focusing on content quality rather than search engine optimization efforts, if there has to be a choice between the two (ideally, both would factor in an overall online marketing plan).


A perfect example of this is when a company or individual uses press release distribution as a search engine optimization tool. While a good press release service will offer multiple SEO benefits, a well written press release is integral in producing the greatest results. If a press release is well written and informative, the chances of it being picked up widely are greater, which leads to an increased number of back links.

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