SEO Advice: Being Brave Enough to Try Something Different

About a month ago, SEO expert and High Rankings founder and CEO Jill Whalen wrote a blog post on daring to be different in order to get noticed by Google.

Her article is here, but the general gist of it pointed out that it can be almost impossible for small mom-and-pop type businesses to attempt to compete with the big box stores when it comes to marketing efforts, including online marketing. Without the budget to hire an SEO team, have a professionally designed, coded and elaborate website and to pay for countless other resources that will boost your marketing campaign, the chances of beating these companies in the search engine rankings are slim to none for an individual business owner with no expert SEO knowledge and 101 other jobs to do in a day.

Therefore, her recommendation to one of her clients in this predicament was to try something different. One of her many tips was to include some keyword phrases that were perhaps more obscure (so less likely to be the ones favoured and used by big-budget competitors) but that were still relevant to target customers and the type of business a company wants to draw in.

This could be as simple as a bit of rewording. For example, if you are a small cafe in Brooklyn, New York, rather than competing with some major restaurants and restaurant chains which will opt for the popular keyword “restaurants in New York” or “New York cafes”, try “budget cafe in Brooklyn” or “vegan cafe in Brooklyn, New York” instead. Play around with keyword phrases, always trying to put yourself in the shoes of your consumer and what they would be likely to type into a search engine if they were trying to find an establishment such as yours. Then search these phrases and see how many places and what kind of places are coming up. Are they competitors of yours? Similar in size and scale? If so, this is probably a good thing – the keyword phrase is attracting the right kind of business, and if that business is on a similar scale to you then probably their marketing budgets are too, meaning that it won’t be so fruitless to compete against them in the search engines or the marketplace.

Once you’ve come up with some new, less competitive keyword phrases, pay your web designer to embed these into the coding of your site for an extra boost to your SEO efforts. It will be worth the small cost for the designer’s time, and hopefully you should find your search engine ranking performing much better in no time!

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