Archives for August 17, 2012

Press Release Writing Tips – Additional Media

Sometimes one of the best ways to make your press release attractive isn’t even anything to do with the writing at all.

At 24-7PressRelease, we allow for images to be uploaded with any of our paid distribution packages, and with our $89 and above packages we allow for videos to be uploaded also. Take advantage of this!

As Pat Wootton at Prompt Proofing said in a recent blog post, “If a picture is worth 1000 words, then let it speak! Many people are predominantly visual and an interesting photo will draw them in, at the very least it may make them read the rest of the release.”

The same idea goes for videos, also. Don’t just upload the video to be displayed alongside your release; also include a link to the video on your company site or on YouTube. Don’t just upload the images; include links to them. If the images are of certain products, the best thing to do would be to include a link to the image on your site right next to the description of the product in the press release.

These varying forms of multimedia make your release stand out in the crowd, as it were, and will draw a greater variety of readers in. Every individual focuses differently; some people are very visual and will be more drawn in by images or video than by specific words. So use all the tools at your disposal!