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Press Release Topic Ideas for SEO

One relatively easy way to generate backlinks and traffic to your website is to write and distribute a press release using a paid distribution service anytime there is anything newsworthy going on in your business.  An online press release that is distributed through a paid service allows links in the body of the release.  This can help grow your link portfolio and improve the trust and authority of your site over time if the releases get picked up by reputable news sources.  Online press releases also help from an online reputation management perspective.  Online press releases typically appear in the search engines for branded search terms.  Unfortunately there is no guarantee that there won’t ever be any negative content posted about your business online.  Positive content (like press releases) should outweigh any negative content to keep attention away from anything negative.

Press release topics need to be newsworthy.  If there is nothing “new” about the release, it won’t get picked up and it may even be rejected by the editor of the press release distribution site.  However, there is no need to over think the release.  Anything “new” can be newsworthy and can be turned into a great press release with the correct writer.  If you aren’t sure what topic could be turned into a press release, here are some ideas:

New employee

Depending on the size of your business, it’s possible that you are hiring someone new every other week.  If that’s the case, it isn’t recommended to send out a press release each time.  You might want to save it for when a higher level executive is hired.  However, if you operate a small business, hiring a new employee is definitely newsworthy.  Send out a press release about the new hire, the position that they will hold, and how they will be contributing to your business.  It’s a good opportunity to also showcase what your company has to offer.

New product/service

Over time a company should evolve and add new products and services to keep up with the demand of consumers.  Writing and publishing a press release is a great way to promote the new offerings of your company.

Event sponsorship

Offline marketing efforts can help improve online marketing efforts if you know how to leverage them.  For SEO purposes, event sponsorship provides many opportunities.  You should be able to obtain a link from the event website. It can also help with content marketing.  In addition to announcing the sponsorship via a press release, you can also write blog posts before, during, and after the event.

New office

If your company is growing it’s likely that you will need new office space to accommodate that growth.  If your business if moving from one location to another it is a newsworthy event, especially in the town that you are moving to as it is creating more jobs in that area.


Anytime your business or an employee wins an award, you should want to brag about it.  Awards can generate business to your company.  When people conduct a branded search and see a press release stating that the company won an award, they will be more likely to do business with you.

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