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Marketing Visuals – 3 Great Tips To Make Your Content More Effective

As a general rule, most “marketing information” that I am not expecting through email ends up in my junk/spam filter.  Once in awhile, I do receive something interesting and useful that I like to share.  This morning was one of those.

The email/post came from Content Marketing and I thought this would be of particular interest to our viewers because of the ability to incorporate images and or visuals (including video) with your press release.  Remember, a press release with images or video receive more views than one without.

The first point they make, which is incredibly true, is that people can only remember approximately 10% of what they have heard one week after they have heard it! remembering

The article discusses such interesting elements as effective content marketing visuals to help with story telling for your particular brand, old brain decision making and then continues with their three recommendations for visuals.

The full article may be found at:

Please feel free to share this, it would be great for anyone in marketing to review.

Google Plus – Are You One Of The Many That Have Heard About It But Haven’t Signed Up? Will It Help With Rankings?

Google+ logo

Google+ Image

To be blunt and to the point, Google+ is gaining traction and you better get on board.  If you don’t, you could be left behind.

I first registered a Google+ account roughly 15 months ago, however finding people that were also registered was difficult. Plus I was not crazy about the layout.  Today this is a different story.  Finding people registered on Google+ is almost as normal as finding people on LinkedIn (if you are active in the business community).  Part of this reason is because people are starting to realize the importance and advantages.

SEO appears to be going “by the wayside” in the sense of “standard practices” (directory registrations, links from link farms, Meta Data, etc.) and really appears to be making a push toward credibility from actual people, friends of those people that have credibility and Social Media.

The one item that has remained constant with Google Search, from inception is the importance of credible sources and where those sources are connected. Do you remember when Google first came into the picture and all the hype about how “Google treats your website like a University paper and looks at all your sources or references of information and where they are from?”  Although SEO fads and flavours have come and gone, this has always been a constant.

So how does Google+ play into this?  If you have not seen all the red squares and areas where you can “+1” a page or post, then you have probably had your head buried in the sand for way too long.  Have you also not noticed all the images (headshots) that are starting to appear in the search results? This is also Google+ and something called Google Authorship.

No one (except maybe Matt) knows the algorithm behind Google, but there are some ideas that just make sense. One of those is registering a Google+ account and becoming socially involved. After all, it is a Google product! Doesn’t that naturally make sense? Rumour has it, that by having a Google+ account, expanding your circles with many individuals that are also active and many in their circles, and being involved with Google Authorship can help your rankings.  Given everything mentioned here (Google Search, Google+ and Google Authoring) and how they are the same company and related, that actually calculates with me and makes sense.

There is much more to rankings and SEO than what has been mentioned here but having a Google+ account and participating socially is something that can certainly help.  Some press release sites such as are now accepting Google Authorship accounts as a part of the press release process now.

Natural Writing and Social Sharing Through Use of INTERESTING Content

We came across an excellent article on PR Newswire about how one should be optimizing their Press Release in this day and age as the landscape for SEO has change so significantly.

Part of why we like this article so much is that it is fairly current and touches on points such as:

– Writing for people and not machines
– Focusing on your messages while having a specific audience in mind.
– Who is the audience
– Where will the best effects be?
– What is the news release about?
– Best distribution time
– About your audience

– Language of your audience
– Adding multimedia
– Sharing socially
– Writing naturally

The article, by Sarah Skerik, is excellent piece, and covers a fair amount of information. The full article and link may be found at:–Writing-Press-Releases-Effectively-for-Search-Engines.html

Now Actively on Google+

To all our blog followers, if you would like to keep in touch on further updates, add us to your Google+ circles.  We will also be posting new updates as they become available there.

Find us at:


A Few New Site Updates…

In our move toward upgrading our site, a few new enhancements have now been implemented to make your press release experience better.

We have now implemented a SAVE function that will now allow you to save your press release and resume it at a later date.

Google Authorship has now also been implemented for press releases of the $89 and up packages.  This means if you have a Google+ Account, you can do authorship.  There is now a separate field in the press release contact area where you simply add your profile link.

Search – Enhanced and advanced search has now been implemented making searching for press releases MUCH easier and faster.

Keep checking back for more updates as there will be many more to come over the next few months.

Organizing Social Media for Business, While Keeping it Professional and Synchronized

Social Media Image

Organizing social media for business while keeping it professional and synchronized.

There are so many different social media outlets that it can be daunting just thinking about where to start and what to use. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are currently the main players for business use, but how the various channels all interact can give social media newcomers a headache.

I remember searching for people about 18 months ago on Google+ and barely finding anyone that I knew with an active, used account.  That has now changed. I can see Google+ starting to build in a major way, as many people I know are now taking part.

With that being said, with all the account registrations and changing between social media platforms, do you keep your information up to date?  A significant amount of people do not. This goes for images as well.

Keeping your profile pictures and information updated and consistent across all social media platforms demonstrates that one is organized and on top of their business.  By not doing so, one could potentially be deemed as disorganized, out of touch or lazy.

I have come across many individuals with whom I have worked who don’t really know what they are doing because all their social media information that shows as “current” is completely different from one platform to the next.

It is important to keep your information up to date across all social media platforms – this includes your photographs, logos and images and your biography.  You should also ask yourself, What does my picture say about me? Is my picture appropriate for my position and for this form of social media? Are my pictures consistent from channel to channel?  I have seen professional images on LinkedIn, and then gone to another social account for the same person and seen a grainy ‘bar star’ type image as their profile picture there.

If you use social media for business and are self-employed or in a professional position, you may want to review your social media platform for inconsistencies and consider how your profile looks to others. This could include potential business prospects or even head hunters, not to mention anyone else that may be looking at your profile.


Michael Iwasaki is a Managing Partner with press release distribution site

Changes Coming to Press Release Site and Industry

Without giving away too much information at this exact point and time, we did want to mention that there are going to be some fairly significant changes to the website soon to coming.

Planning for the changes began approximately a year ago, and although a lot of them are more in line with what one would expect from a press release business, there are many changes that will be industry breaking and will sure to grab a lot of attention from others within the business.

With the number of changes, scale of changes and updates to come the big question that comes to mind is “will there be a price increase?”  At the immediate time, we cannot guarantee there will not be a price change, but what we can guarantee is that those that have been long time loyal customers (customers that had paid releases before the changeover) will be grandfathered.

Changes on the back end already started a few weeks ago.  The site and many users have also enjoyed a newly implemented search tool, and shortly to come will be the addition of Google Authoring for our $89 press release package and up.

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