Archives for April 18, 2013

Changes Coming to Press Release Site and Industry

Without giving away too much information at this exact point and time, we did want to mention that there are going to be some fairly significant changes to the website soon to coming.

Planning for the changes began approximately a year ago, and although a lot of them are more in line with what one would expect from a press release business, there are many changes that will be industry breaking and will sure to grab a lot of attention from others within the business.

With the number of changes, scale of changes and updates to come the big question that comes to mind is “will there be a price increase?”  At the immediate time, we cannot guarantee there will not be a price change, but what we can guarantee is that those that have been long time loyal customers (customers that had paid releases before the changeover) will be grandfathered.

Changes on the back end already started a few weeks ago.  The site and many users have also enjoyed a newly implemented search tool, and shortly to come will be the addition of Google Authoring for our $89 press release package and up.

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