Organizing Social Media for Business, While Keeping it Professional and Synchronized

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Organizing social media for business while keeping it professional and synchronized.

There are so many different social media outlets that it can be daunting just thinking about where to start and what to use. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are currently the main players for business use, but how the various channels all interact can give social media newcomers a headache.

I remember searching for people about 18 months ago on Google+ and barely finding anyone that I knew with an active, used account.  That has now changed. I can see Google+ starting to build in a major way, as many people I know are now taking part.

With that being said, with all the account registrations and changing between social media platforms, do you keep your information up to date?  A significant amount of people do not. This goes for images as well.

Keeping your profile pictures and information updated and consistent across all social media platforms demonstrates that one is organized and on top of their business.  By not doing so, one could potentially be deemed as disorganized, out of touch or lazy.

I have come across many individuals with whom I have worked who don’t really know what they are doing because all their social media information that shows as “current” is completely different from one platform to the next.

It is important to keep your information up to date across all social media platforms – this includes your photographs, logos and images and your biography.  You should also ask yourself, What does my picture say about me? Is my picture appropriate for my position and for this form of social media? Are my pictures consistent from channel to channel?  I have seen professional images on LinkedIn, and then gone to another social account for the same person and seen a grainy ‘bar star’ type image as their profile picture there.

If you use social media for business and are self-employed or in a professional position, you may want to review your social media platform for inconsistencies and consider how your profile looks to others. This could include potential business prospects or even head hunters, not to mention anyone else that may be looking at your profile.


Michael Iwasaki is a Managing Partner with press release distribution site

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