Natural Writing and Social Sharing Through Use of INTERESTING Content

We came across an excellent article on PR Newswire about how one should be optimizing their Press Release in this day and age as the landscape for SEO has change so significantly.

Part of why we like this article so much is that it is fairly current and touches on points such as:

– Writing for people and not machines
– Focusing on your messages while having a specific audience in mind.
– Who is the audience
– Where will the best effects be?
– What is the news release about?
– Best distribution time
– About your audience

– Language of your audience
– Adding multimedia
– Sharing socially
– Writing naturally

The article, by Sarah Skerik, is excellent piece, and covers a fair amount of information. The full article and link may be found at:–Writing-Press-Releases-Effectively-for-Search-Engines.html

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