Google Plus – Are You One Of The Many That Have Heard About It But Haven’t Signed Up? Will It Help With Rankings?

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To be blunt and to the point, Google+ is gaining traction and you better get on board.  If you don’t, you could be left behind.

I first registered a Google+ account roughly 15 months ago, however finding people that were also registered was difficult. Plus I was not crazy about the layout.  Today this is a different story.  Finding people registered on Google+ is almost as normal as finding people on LinkedIn (if you are active in the business community).  Part of this reason is because people are starting to realize the importance and advantages.

SEO appears to be going “by the wayside” in the sense of “standard practices” (directory registrations, links from link farms, Meta Data, etc.) and really appears to be making a push toward credibility from actual people, friends of those people that have credibility and Social Media.

The one item that has remained constant with Google Search, from inception is the importance of credible sources and where those sources are connected. Do you remember when Google first came into the picture and all the hype about how “Google treats your website like a University paper and looks at all your sources or references of information and where they are from?”  Although SEO fads and flavours have come and gone, this has always been a constant.

So how does Google+ play into this?  If you have not seen all the red squares and areas where you can “+1” a page or post, then you have probably had your head buried in the sand for way too long.  Have you also not noticed all the images (headshots) that are starting to appear in the search results? This is also Google+ and something called Google Authorship.

No one (except maybe Matt) knows the algorithm behind Google, but there are some ideas that just make sense. One of those is registering a Google+ account and becoming socially involved. After all, it is a Google product! Doesn’t that naturally make sense? Rumour has it, that by having a Google+ account, expanding your circles with many individuals that are also active and many in their circles, and being involved with Google Authorship can help your rankings.  Given everything mentioned here (Google Search, Google+ and Google Authoring) and how they are the same company and related, that actually calculates with me and makes sense.

There is much more to rankings and SEO than what has been mentioned here but having a Google+ account and participating socially is something that can certainly help.  Some press release sites such as are now accepting Google Authorship accounts as a part of the press release process now.

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