Marketing Visuals – 3 Great Tips To Make Your Content More Effective

As a general rule, most “marketing information” that I am not expecting through email ends up in my junk/spam filter.  Once in awhile, I do receive something interesting and useful that I like to share.  This morning was one of those.

The email/post came from Content Marketing and I thought this would be of particular interest to our viewers because of the ability to incorporate images and or visuals (including video) with your press release.  Remember, a press release with images or video receive more views than one without.

The first point they make, which is incredibly true, is that people can only remember approximately 10% of what they have heard one week after they have heard it! remembering

The article discusses such interesting elements as effective content marketing visuals to help with story telling for your particular brand, old brain decision making and then continues with their three recommendations for visuals.

The full article may be found at:

Please feel free to share this, it would be great for anyone in marketing to review.

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