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Google Test Pilots Canada For Launch of New Partners Program.

Google+ logo

Google+ logo

So what is the new Partners program that is offering agencies resources, training and support all about?  The new program, Google Partners was announced Monday May 27th by Google that it would launch a test pilot in Canada.

The program is targeting agencies and web professionals helping businesses succeed online.  If successful, they will expand the program to other countries in the future.

Google Partners currently amalgamates their existing programs under new platform making it simpler for agencies to gain access to Google for such things as support, resources and training.  Along with this is a Partners community where knowledge may be shared and fostered within the industry.  The community would also provide further opportunities to have dialogue with Google specialists.

As a Google partner, one would be able to place the partners badge on their website showing that you are a trusted Google Partner, along with using the Hangout feature to connect with exclusive community members, and further connect with customers.

For more information, check out

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An Interesting Marketing Article About How Stock Photos Must Die, Along With Other Undefined Trends.

Marketing Stock PhotographyI had been doing my usual search about marketing articles and found one that caught my eye.  Perhaps because of the title, “Stock Photos Must Die…”.

I had read the article, and have mixed feelings about the par of how stock photos must die.  That being said, there were some other very interesting points about other marketing trends including:

– How ROI of Everything Is Here

– Creativity Is Currency

– People Aren’t Capable Of Unplugging

– Social Networks Are Secretly Becoming the Same Thing

The part I wonder about, with the mention of the death of stock photos, is designers for web sites and blogs will still need images.  Many government corporations have rules that they are not allowed to just “use” an image, that it must be a licensed image that is paid for in order to use the image, to protect themselves from any potential legal issues.

Some people will even use stock images within a press release, combined with either their own images or their corporate logo.  Whether they are paid for or not is only known by the individual that created the document and possibly the owner of the image.

Have a read and make your own decision, it is very interesting at the very least.

A Little About Great PR and Your Brand – Is Any PR Really Good PR?

PR For Your BusinessI had once heard a saying, that any PR is good PR, because you are in the spotlight. Positive or negative, it was PR, which meant it was great.  Is this really the truth?  If you were to ask someone in the general public, they might tend to agree with you, however if you asked someone directly in marketing, they may tend to disagree and advise there are two types of PR; positive and negative.

I guess this depends on the product, how long you have been in business and what your objectives currently are.  If you are promoting a new product or service, and the general public do not know who you are, any attention you attract might be alright.

To read more about this, and how some absolutely over the top ads (now banned from airing) worked for people like Go Daddy, check out this article on Brand Reputation and Why All PR Actually is Good.

Our Finger Is On The Pulse With What Is Happening In The Industry, Including Google’s Last Penguin 2.0 Update!

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Mobile Technology Advantages for Small Business

Mobile technology marketing

Mobile technology marketing

According to an article at, over 65% of small-business owners are using mobile devices to their advantage.  This is a combination of phones or tablets that were taken into account.  Over 70% say they use they use mobile devices for both social media marketing and email marketing.

The major platforms of interest for social marketing include:

Check out the rest of this interesting marketing article at:

Are You Resting on your Laurels While Your Customers Silently Leave?

Customer LeavingI do my best to try to keep up with articles about marketing as I am a firm believer that in this day and age you need to really keep on top of technology.  Sometimes, sifting through some of the garbage can be daunting and a task.  Throughout my sifting through all the garbage, I try to pull out a couple of gems here and there for our audience so they can learn.

This particular article is short, and to the point.  It isn’t about selling, it isn’t about marketing strategies, but most important, about YOUR PRODUCT.

Are you innovative? Do you keep on top of technology and keep up with the times?  Are you losing customers and sit back and think to yourself, what part of your marketing strategy is not working properly? Stop yourself right there. It may have nothing to do with your marketing strategy. It might be your product!

Just because someone has been with your business since day 1 or for the last ten to fifteen years does not guarantee they are going to stay with you forever.  Remember, they are a customer too and customers want quality AND value from any given product.  If you do not deliver, why should they stick around?

Have a read:

Corporate Brand Refresh. 12 Critical Points You Should Know About.

Marketing and your brand

Marketing and your brand

I love top lists, and I think many people do.  They are usually in an easy to read, and follow point format that can be read quickly and does not take a lot to absorb, while making sense.

Most marketing articles have been about “how to sell your product” or “get people to buy a product” or “attract new customers”.  This top list was one that grabbed my attention, just because it is something you do not see or hear much about very often, and it has to do with your brand.

It is the 12 most critical prerequisites of a brand refresh from  The points for discussion include:

–    Getting leadership on board
–    Explaining the brand
–    Making it about everybody
–    Strategy
–    Getting qualitative and quantitative
–    Managing expectations
–    Architecture and sub-brands
–    Targeting and segmentation
–    Keeping it simple
–    Being creative
–    And being true

The full marketing article may be found at:

Have a read, I found it to be quite interesting and a little off beat of the normal marketing ra ra which was a little refreshing.

Is Facebook Going to Lose Ground by Sending Their Site Into MySpace with Video Ads?

Video ads

Video ads

I came across an interesting article about Facebook coming out with video ads and how they may run the risk of “MySpacing” the world’s most popular social network.

Personally, I am not a fan of video ads, especially the ones that make you wait 3 – 30 seconds before you can continue to an article.  I can honestly say that I do not even remember any of those ads, so are they a waste of money?  Does the irritation factor also cause dislike toward the company that purchased the ad creating a negative campaign?  The full article may be found here:  What do you think?

Ascertaining a Capable Social Media Manager for Your Business

Hiring a Social Media Manager

Hiring a Social Media Manager

Let’s face it.  Everyone, except for those in a coma or that have passed on has heard of social media.  If you haven’t you may really want to start to take note.

Social Media is no longer a fad. It is here, and here to stay.  For most businesses, it really needs to become a part of their marketing toolkit, much like that of using a press release service, ad words and perhaps even an affiliate program.

Companies that have decided to turn a blind eye to this tool are harming themselves by not only losing potential new business, but existing business as well.

Business require a key individual that know and understand the main social media outlets (Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) to name a few.  The person they need to hire needs to both understand the technology and the business and most importantly how to effectively apply this technology to your business to make it really blossom.

I found this article at Marketing Apocalypse that delves into further details on what to look for.

Google Glass, More updates – Some saying limited and clunky but the future?

Google Glass

Google Glass

The first generation of any new product to hit mainstream is always going to have its share of bugs and require feedback from the public to only get better.  This may also hold true for Google Glass, which has an article posted on CNN ( with the title “Google Glass: Limited and clunky, but the future” from Tuesday, May 14th.

We have

already heard the cries from many people about their opinion on glass, citing privacy as one of the main concerns, but what about the actual product itself?

Apparently we will still have some waiting yet as the first 2,000 pairs of Google Glass are reserved for techies who had attended the company’s I/O developer’s conference from a year ago.
If you are not yet familiar with Glass, it is an apparatus resembling glasses that sit on your head, just like a pair of glasses, where by you can use touch controls along with voice prompts to interact and engage in information without having to use your phone. Some basic functionality includes image and video capturing (similar to that of your phone, but by using voice prompts), GPS directions and basic searches.

Check out the full article in the above link for more on Google Glass.

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