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Working With Google Penguin and Your Press Release

Penguin Update

Information about Google Penguin

I was looking around the web and came across an interesting article about Google Penguin and a press release and how to best suit your press release for Penguin.

The article I found was courtesy of PR Newswire, and was published earlier this year, (February 7, 2013).

I found the read to be quite interesting and informative with these briefs points mentioned.  The full article may be found on the PR Newswire site at the bottom.

  1. Organizing sites by keywords.
  2. Choosing keywords which are relevant to local niche demographics.
  3. Signing up for free (for one month) at SeoMOZ
  4. About Matt Cutts at Google.
  5. Using relevant Press Release sites.
  6. Accredited blogs about SEO.
  7. Writing your release with keywords in mind
  8. A few Firefox downloads for SEO tools
  9. Optimizing for social media.

The full read, which is quite interesting may be found at:

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