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Google Glass, More updates – Some saying limited and clunky but the future?

Google Glass

Google Glass

The first generation of any new product to hit mainstream is always going to have its share of bugs and require feedback from the public to only get better.  This may also hold true for Google Glass, which has an article posted on CNN ( with the title “Google Glass: Limited and clunky, but the future” from Tuesday, May 14th.

We have

already heard the cries from many people about their opinion on glass, citing privacy as one of the main concerns, but what about the actual product itself?

Apparently we will still have some waiting yet as the first 2,000 pairs of Google Glass are reserved for techies who had attended the company’s I/O developer’s conference from a year ago.
If you are not yet familiar with Glass, it is an apparatus resembling glasses that sit on your head, just like a pair of glasses, where by you can use touch controls along with voice prompts to interact and engage in information without having to use your phone. Some basic functionality includes image and video capturing (similar to that of your phone, but by using voice prompts), GPS directions and basic searches.

Check out the full article in the above link for more on Google Glass.

Here is An Excellent Way to Gain Attention of the Public and Publicity.

Apple to give someone $10,000 in App Store cash

Apple to give someone $10,000 in App Store cash

Money is one of those items that everyone pays attention to.  This holds especially true when it is “given away” or “won”.

One company that has certainly gained a lot of attention through their latest give away of App Store cash, is, yes, you guessed it, Apple.

In a news article dated Wednesday May 15th, they have received the attention of CNN with their title of “Apple to give someone $10,000 in App Store cash”.  The article continues on to mention that the winner will more than likely be Wednesday (today).  They also mention that the following 50 people will receive a $500 gift card.

If you are interested in how soon it might happen, Apple now has a live countdown ticker on their website! For more information about this, check out:

It is pretty obvious the marketing behind this, but always interesting to see in action.  Create a giveaway, perform some press release distribution to some key points and all of a sudden, you are in front of millions of eyes.  I like it.  Do you?

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