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Corporate Brand Refresh. 12 Critical Points You Should Know About.

Marketing and your brand

Marketing and your brand

I love top lists, and I think many people do.  They are usually in an easy to read, and follow point format that can be read quickly and does not take a lot to absorb, while making sense.

Most marketing articles have been about “how to sell your product” or “get people to buy a product” or “attract new customers”.  This top list was one that grabbed my attention, just because it is something you do not see or hear much about very often, and it has to do with your brand.

It is the 12 most critical prerequisites of a brand refresh from  The points for discussion include:

–    Getting leadership on board
–    Explaining the brand
–    Making it about everybody
–    Strategy
–    Getting qualitative and quantitative
–    Managing expectations
–    Architecture and sub-brands
–    Targeting and segmentation
–    Keeping it simple
–    Being creative
–    And being true

The full marketing article may be found at:

Have a read, I found it to be quite interesting and a little off beat of the normal marketing ra ra which was a little refreshing.

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