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Are You Resting on your Laurels While Your Customers Silently Leave?

Customer LeavingI do my best to try to keep up with articles about marketing as I am a firm believer that in this day and age you need to really keep on top of technology.  Sometimes, sifting through some of the garbage can be daunting and a task.  Throughout my sifting through all the garbage, I try to pull out a couple of gems here and there for our audience so they can learn.

This particular article is short, and to the point.  It isn’t about selling, it isn’t about marketing strategies, but most important, about YOUR PRODUCT.

Are you innovative? Do you keep on top of technology and keep up with the times?  Are you losing customers and sit back and think to yourself, what part of your marketing strategy is not working properly? Stop yourself right there. It may have nothing to do with your marketing strategy. It might be your product!

Just because someone has been with your business since day 1 or for the last ten to fifteen years does not guarantee they are going to stay with you forever.  Remember, they are a customer too and customers want quality AND value from any given product.  If you do not deliver, why should they stick around?

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