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A Little About Great PR and Your Brand – Is Any PR Really Good PR?

PR For Your BusinessI had once heard a saying, that any PR is good PR, because you are in the spotlight. Positive or negative, it was PR, which meant it was great.  Is this really the truth?  If you were to ask someone in the general public, they might tend to agree with you, however if you asked someone directly in marketing, they may tend to disagree and advise there are two types of PR; positive and negative.

I guess this depends on the product, how long you have been in business and what your objectives currently are.  If you are promoting a new product or service, and the general public do not know who you are, any attention you attract might be alright.

To read more about this, and how some absolutely over the top ads (now banned from airing) worked for people like Go Daddy, check out this article on Brand Reputation and Why All PR Actually is Good.

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