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Ascertaining a Capable Social Media Manager for Your Business

Hiring a Social Media Manager

Hiring a Social Media Manager

Let’s face it.  Everyone, except for those in a coma or that have passed on has heard of social media.  If you haven’t you may really want to start to take note.

Social Media is no longer a fad. It is here, and here to stay.  For most businesses, it really needs to become a part of their marketing toolkit, much like that of using a press release service, ad words and perhaps even an affiliate program.

Companies that have decided to turn a blind eye to this tool are harming themselves by not only losing potential new business, but existing business as well.

Business require a key individual that know and understand the main social media outlets (Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) to name a few.  The person they need to hire needs to both understand the technology and the business and most importantly how to effectively apply this technology to your business to make it really blossom.

I found this article at Marketing Apocalypse that delves into further details on what to look for.

Google Glass, More updates – Some saying limited and clunky but the future?

Google Glass

Google Glass

The first generation of any new product to hit mainstream is always going to have its share of bugs and require feedback from the public to only get better.  This may also hold true for Google Glass, which has an article posted on CNN ( with the title “Google Glass: Limited and clunky, but the future” from Tuesday, May 14th.

We have

already heard the cries from many people about their opinion on glass, citing privacy as one of the main concerns, but what about the actual product itself?

Apparently we will still have some waiting yet as the first 2,000 pairs of Google Glass are reserved for techies who had attended the company’s I/O developer’s conference from a year ago.
If you are not yet familiar with Glass, it is an apparatus resembling glasses that sit on your head, just like a pair of glasses, where by you can use touch controls along with voice prompts to interact and engage in information without having to use your phone. Some basic functionality includes image and video capturing (similar to that of your phone, but by using voice prompts), GPS directions and basic searches.

Check out the full article in the above link for more on Google Glass.

Here is An Excellent Way to Gain Attention of the Public and Publicity.

Apple to give someone $10,000 in App Store cash

Apple to give someone $10,000 in App Store cash

Money is one of those items that everyone pays attention to.  This holds especially true when it is “given away” or “won”.

One company that has certainly gained a lot of attention through their latest give away of App Store cash, is, yes, you guessed it, Apple.

In a news article dated Wednesday May 15th, they have received the attention of CNN with their title of “Apple to give someone $10,000 in App Store cash”.  The article continues on to mention that the winner will more than likely be Wednesday (today).  They also mention that the following 50 people will receive a $500 gift card.

If you are interested in how soon it might happen, Apple now has a live countdown ticker on their website! For more information about this, check out:

It is pretty obvious the marketing behind this, but always interesting to see in action.  Create a giveaway, perform some press release distribution to some key points and all of a sudden, you are in front of millions of eyes.  I like it.  Do you?

SEO’s Bracing Themselves For Next Major Google Penguin Update – Expected in Weeks!

Google Penguin 2.0

Google Penguin 2.0

If the first introduction of Penguin wasn’t bad enough, there had been a couple of minor Penguin updates back in May 24th 2012 and October 5, 2012.  The two latter mentioned were minor compared to what is to come.

The next version of Penguin is supposed to be major, and what Google has in store no one really knows for sure.

The video is quote from Matt as being from “Early May, 2013” and what he expects SEO to be working on is constant and uniform. A great site, that is uniform and compelling.  So what should we expect?

For the video from Matt Cutts, and more information on what one may expect, please check out the source from SeRoundtable at:

Top 10 Most Popular Ads on YouTube for the UK.

Evian YouTube Ad

Evian Ad from Top 10 YouTube video ads in the UK.

As of May 9th, we have come across a list of the most popular ads of YouTube for the UK.  This poll, according to is taken from the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.  Over 20 million views within two days with an incredible 83 per cent watching until the completion of the video!

The top 10 are:

Evian: “Baby & Me”

Dove: “Real Beauty Sketches”

IRN-BRU: “Mum”

Volvo: “Cummuter Hijack”

LG: “So Real it’s Scary 2”

Pepsi: “Beyoncé “Mirrors” – Official 2013 video – #BeyHereNow”

Adland: “Gal”

KLM: “Space”

R UV UGLY: “Sunbed strip | Cancer Research UK”

Volvo: “Commuter Hijack #4 Edinburgh”

Here is the link for your entertainment:


Are You Anxiously Awaiting for the Mini Retina iPad?

iPad Mini Retina Article

iPad Mini Retina Article

Not to say whether it is coming out for sure or not, however according to this article over at cNet, production on the mini is supposed to be starting by July.  This would put the product on shelves around the Q3.

Many questions around the mini retina iPad are still uncertain, such as the size, the weight and will that change purchase trends? How much does weight weigh in on this debate?

What are your thoughts about the iPad Mini?

The full article may be found at:


Think About News When Writing Your Press Release


Journalism news

Journalists often subscribe to press release distribution services to receive the latest news, so that when news is slow or they need to fill a ‘hole’ they have some news releases to turn to.

Even if your release is condensed to a one or two column inch filler, exposure in print media is amazing exposure for any business. So keep the journalist in mind when you begin writing your next press release.

For example, journalists will immediately skip over and disregard releases that read like veiled advertisements in favour of something more genuine and newsworthy. Have you hired a new employee? Yes, that’s a good reason to put out a press release but really focus on the detail or two that will make that announcement different from the hundreds of other new employee announcements circulating. Does your new employee have a background working for major companies, or any notable achievements you can boast about? Is this employee being hired to fill a new role that your company has created in order to achieve new goals for your company? Focus on these points – they will give the journalist something to hold onto and might just prompt that phone to ring.

You can’t pay for genuine news exposure, so write with that in mind and even if no journalist calls, it’s still likely to get far more pick-up than every other news release you could put out!

Working With Google Penguin and Your Press Release

Penguin Update

Information about Google Penguin

I was looking around the web and came across an interesting article about Google Penguin and a press release and how to best suit your press release for Penguin.

The article I found was courtesy of PR Newswire, and was published earlier this year, (February 7, 2013).

I found the read to be quite interesting and informative with these briefs points mentioned.  The full article may be found on the PR Newswire site at the bottom.

  1. Organizing sites by keywords.
  2. Choosing keywords which are relevant to local niche demographics.
  3. Signing up for free (for one month) at SeoMOZ
  4. About Matt Cutts at Google.
  5. Using relevant Press Release sites.
  6. Accredited blogs about SEO.
  7. Writing your release with keywords in mind
  8. A few Firefox downloads for SEO tools
  9. Optimizing for social media.

The full read, which is quite interesting may be found at:

Unnatural Links Warning – Perhaps Not As Much of a Concern?

Unnatural back links

Unnatural back links

This warning may not be cause for concern.

At least this is the information posted on the Daily SEO Blog over at SEOMOZ which are big on SEO.

I had come across this story and found it to be quite interesting, and quite a valuable read for those which may be concerned about potentially harming links from anyone out there, including those of the BBC News.

The first link ( ) is from SEO Moz.

The second link of interest is: (!topic/webmasters/XNBqi7n-UEk )

The second link is a forum discussing about an individual who through Webmaster tools had received a warning about unnatural back links from the BBC.

Current State of the Economy – Not Looking Great…

Economy Image

Economic conditions

I have had many mixed thoughts on how the economy is really doing.  My personal gut feeling (someone once told me, you should always go with your gut feeling), is that things are not really getting better.

This could be in part due to so many people telling me that “business is down from the same time last year”, despite that the “news” keeps reporting that everything is up.  Well if everything is up, why are so many business owners reporting less appealing results from last year?

On that note, we have still had many people advise although sales are down, budgets for marketing (including press release distribution), and ad-words have still held steady.

We came across this interesting poll to demonstrate what the public feel about the economy: