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Excellent Feedback On New Changes to

24-7 Press Release Logo 2So far, the feedback we have received (and yet, it is extremely early), has been phenomenal ! Thank you for all the great feedback.

Again, for those that have a press release service account with, please update your account with your social media information.

More big changes coming soon! Follow us on Google+ to keep up to date on updates, coupon codes and more!

We’ve Made Changes To Our Site! – Update 1

247 Press Release has made the first of many changes to come.

So what is new?  Here are just a few highlights of the first round of changes:

1. Image bank – The image bank has been set up for users to be able to now store your press release images online.  This means that for marketing companies that regularly upload the same images, you will no longer have to do this as you can now save up to 100 images in your image bank.

2. NoFollow –  Following best practices of SEO, we have now added the option for users to add NOFOLLOW to all their links within their press release.  Some people have requested links or their entire press release to be removed, you can now self manage your links through no follow.  To find out more about this, log into your Account Manager, and click go to “”, then click on READ MORE under “Best Linking Practices”.

3. Social Media Extensions Within Press Release Pages – A huge presence of social media icons for sharing has been introduced to further extend your story socially.

4. Addition of Twitter & Facebook feeds to your stories.  If you have a Twitter and Facebook account, you can now add your feeds through ACCOUNT MANAGER and have the feeds appear right within your press release.

5. New Social Media Presence – Icons within header, footer and front page side bar for easy convenience to follow us for opportunities like coupon codes, specials, site updates and more.

6. New Image Carousel – Images within the press release story page are now in an attractive carousel format, with mouse over image display (simply move your mouse over the image for it to appear in a larger format, if available)

7. YouTube Video – Option to now add your YouTube video link within your press release as well.

There have been further updates, but these are the main highlights of this first of many more to come upgrades!

If you have not done so, please feel free to log into your account to add your social media information!

Let us know YOUR thoughts!






Running An Effective Campaign For Guest Bloggers Post Penguin 2.0

Guest bloggingBecause of the nature of our business (media distribution), I like to keep updated through a number of reliable sources on what is new with the SEO community and updates that are coming to major search engines.

Through my travels, I came across an excellent article regarding the importance of successful, reliable guest blogging in the aftermath of Penguin and Panda.  The article is from a contributor at, Jayson DeMers.

Jayson’s article dives into the importance quality guest blogging.  Again, the stress is quality, which not only relates to how well the article may be written, BUT the relevance of the article as well because this is now something that Google is looking at closely.

After reading the article, it gave me an excellent understanding as to what guest posting is not.  Some of the misconceptions include:

Guest posting is not article marketing

Advertorials are not guest posting

Guest blogging is not immune to the principles of good links

The article continues to discuss and go into excellent information about article quality, questionable anchor text composition, linking, lack of social signals to name a few.

In conclusion, with the business of blogging becoming ever so complex and congested, by following these tips and techniques, you can get ahead and make a dent in such an information packed world.

By: Michael Iwasaki, original article by: Jayson DeMers at

Michael Iwasaki is a founding and managing partner of the media distribution website (founded in 2004), with a plethora of knowledge of the SEO, marketing, social media and PR industries.

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Since 2004, has distributed nearly 250,000 press releases.

24-7 Press Release Distribution Joins RebelMouse Community

247 News Media Service on RebelMouseFor those that like to follow us and keep up to date, including being informed of valuable coupon codes, etc. you may now find us at RebelMouse!

Find us on RebelMouse at:

Are you still wondering what RebelMouse is? RebelMouse is a website that is based on the concept of “individuals being proud of what the share through social media”, however perhaps not as proud about their individual websites.

RebelMouse gives you the opportunity to connect all of your social networks with one attractive looking online presence.  RebelMouse really looks organized and presents the information from all our social medias in a professional user friendly interface.

If you haven’t already signed up, you should…

Check out more about RebelMouse here:

By: Michael Iwasaki

Michael Iwasaki is a founding and managing partner of the media distribution website (founded in 2004), with a plethora of knowledge of the SEO, marketing, social media and PR industries.

Since 2004, has distributed nearly 250,000 press releases.


Journalism – What Is The Definition?

Journalists and journalismJournalism may be viewed as the activity of informing individuals about events concerning the public that may otherwise remain unknown or private.  This process is the result of the preparation of written, audio or visual information that is intended for distribution through public media that makes reference to factual ongoing events.

Changes in journalism over recent years have been quite significant because of the Internet and news available on the Internet.  This has created a shift toward much more digital viewing and less print causing job losses with many large news organizations.

For a full explanation of what Journalism is about, a little bit about the history and some interesting facts about the business including:

The role

Elements of journalism

Professional and ethical standards

Failing to uphold standards

Legal status

And the right to protect confidentiality of sources, please check out at:

More On Marketing for 2013 and 13 Trends

13 Marketing TrendsFor the majority of companies out there, internet marketing is one of the fastest most efficient methods of marketing available today.  In many cases, it is a necessity whereby if you do not have a presence on the net it will not take long for you to either be left behind or loose to competition that is on the Internet.

I have outlined, what appears to be 13 excellent trends for this year (which we are almost half way through), and some of them we have already seen.  The original article is by Tom Shapiro from startupnation.  The link to the original article is at the bottom.

The 13 topics are:

Design Matters

Marketing Goes Visual

Parallax Design

Mobile Mobile Mobile

Video Video Video

Cloud-Based Tools

The Multi-Screen World

Social Media Gets Smarter

Retargeting Goes Mainstream

Email Remarketing

Search, Social & PR Collide

Attribution Measurement

The Hispanic Market

One of the more interesting points of interest was #11 and the social integration for organic search.

Find the full story at:

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Potential Privacy Issues With Google Glass – Privacy Authorities Ask For Explanations

Google Glass

Google Glass

For those that have been following the new and upcoming Google Glass, I came across an interesting article posted to ZDNet moments ago where apparently a letter had been addressed to Google CEO Larry Page by 10 privacy authorities from around the world asking a series of questions with regards to privacy concerns about Google Glass.

Currently, the device which is only available to a privileged number (as it is not currently on the market yet), but that is available for USD $1,500 has attracted criticism with privacy concerns with the camera.

What are your thoughts?

The full article can be found at:

So What Exactly Is a Press Release? Here Is Your Answer…

Press Release Defnition From WikipediaOver the last few years, the landscape within the online marketing and PR industry has changed significantly. To the point where many people have wondered what a press release is, and how to engage in using one as a part of their marketing strategy.

I was trying to find a definitive answer to hopefully answer many questions, and it dawned on me that I really should go to a key source rather than some Joe’s website to try and find an answer.

What jumped out at me? Wikipedia of course…

First off, with all the recent changes in search engines, many people are wondering if a press release or “news release” or “media release” is still the way to go? The answer is YES!  Although times have changed, they are still a very viable and extremely effective way for getting the news out to journalists.  If you have not already adopted them within your marketing toolkit, you really should re-consider.

So what is a press release? According to Wikipedia, it “is a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something ostensibly newsworthy.”

Wikipedia continues to mention some obvious (but still worth the read), language including how they are used in the field of public relations, and the aim being to attract favorable media attention etc. etc.

Those looking to get a definitive explanation, please visit:

6 Expanding Marketing Trends To Keep An Eye On

(June 18th, 2013) Although this post is dated June the 18th, the article that I had read (link is at the bottom), is originally from April 25th, 2013 from Rishad at the below link.

Marketing and your brand

Marketing and your brand

So, what are the six new trends that are mentioned in the article?  Most of them, if you have your finger on the marketing pulse already, make sense.  They are:

1. Continuing down the digital road
2. Facilitation of self marketing
3. Content creation and distribution (press releases come to mind)
4. Television becoming more powerful, but in a much different form
5. Less ownership, and more access (possibly paying for cloud access to programs, etc.)
6. Marketing, a huge growth category

This article I found to be both informative and interesting, especially the part about guiding towards pay per use.  This brings to mind the strategy already being employed by Adobe, by not actually owning your software, but paying an annual or monthly fee to access programs online.  From what I have heard, not a popular choice by many, but it does allow more flexibility for some people.

One other point of interest was the mention about a multi glass world with devices like Google Glass, tablets and portable networked devices along with the full seasons of shows being released at once.

Check this article out, it is quite interesting if you are into Marketing.

First Round of Updates Coming VERY Soon

News site updates to website.

News distribution site, adds enhancements.

If you haven’t checked out the press release distribution site recently, you may want to do so shortly.

The first wave of significant changes is due to be implemented very shortly (possibly as early as the next 24-48hrs).

Along with a few minor visual changes (the big visual changes will be the last to come), is the ability to now upload your images that you regularly use, and keep them in an image bank.

You will also notice a lot more social media interaction and the ability to now add your Twitter and Facebook feed to all your press releases.

Looking for a no-follow on your links? No-follow is no problem.  We have added the ability to add this to a single release or all your releases.  You can now change these options within your account manager!

These are just a few things mentioned, there are actually more changes, so check the site out and take a look around!

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