6 Tips For Effective Marketing Using a Press Release – Are You Following These Practices?

Press Release Marketing TipsMarketing becomes tougher and tougher every day. With the introduction a number of years back, and growth of Social Media, it continues to become more and more difficult to announce a new product or service.  One tool that has remained consistent for getting your news out, aside from costly ad-words, is the press release.  Why? Because it is “disseminated” and sent to so many locations that people will eventually stumble across it.  Bloggers may blog about it, journalists may do follows ups as they are always looking for interesting news.

Below are some recent tips for a successful press release.

Headline & Sub Head That are Catchy

Your headline and sub headline are the most important elements of your press release.  When you write them, make sure that you have a catch.  Try to tailor your headline to really grab your audience. This is your one chance to really grab journalists and bloggers. Otherwise, they will just move on to the next interesting headline.

Multi Media

The use of multi-media within a press release, in this day and age, is the key to attracting attention.  To not include the use of at least one image (product, service images, or logo) is asking for your press release not to be looked at.  Let’s face it, people like pictures!  People like them so much, that through the new Google Authorship program (search results displayed with images of the author), search results with an image (no matter what their position, 1-10 in the search results), received 80% more clicks than search results without images.

Google Authorship

24-7PressRelease.com press release now supports Google Authorship.  If you have it, we recommend using it. This allows you to add your Google Authorship account, and when your press release is returned in search results, your image (from your G+ account), will also be displayed in the results, making your search result (or press release) more attractive to click on (because it has your picture).  Read more about the program here: http://www.24-7pressrelease.com/google_authorship_information.pdf


Make sure that you include one or two instances of keywords within your press release, along with your website link in plain sight, such as http://www.24-7pressrelease.com.  With the search engine technology and engines today, having your keywords within the same paragraph as your website link is good enough, they no longer need to have links (also known as “money links” from them.


Timing can be key for the success of a good press release campaign.  If you have a product or service that is relevant to an event that is happening locally, or around the world and you send your press release out and also mention whatever event is taking place, chances are your press release will receive more pickup from journalists and bloggers than if not.  News and events snowball.  Timing also includes the frequency of a press release.  The rule of thumb is try to send something out a couple/few times a month, but only if you have something interesting to share that your audience will want to read.

Adding a Quote to the Body

Add a quote to the body of your press release, otherwise known as attribution.  This adds an element of credibility and gives some personality to your press release.

Contact Information

Do not forget to include your contact information right in the body of your press release.  Although your contact information may be present on the site that the press release originated does not mean that info will be transferred. Including it at the bottom guarantees the transfer of info.




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