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Linking habits and updates for a press release.

Linking habits and updates for a press release.

Most webmasters that keep up with the most recent SEO practices are, by now, quite familiar with Penguin, and Penguin 2.0, and all that it has to offer.

One of the biggest changes that everyone saw with Penguin last year was the effect on links, link exchanges and paid-for links.

It has been clearly stated through numerous sources that Google, in particular, does not like “money links”.  These are links from “money terms that you would pay for with their AdWords”. Examples of money links may include “vacuum cleaner” or “Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer”, to name a couple.

This does not mean that using a press release service, like, is no longer of value, but rather that the way things are done have simply changed. The sentence I just wrote is a perfect example of the change that people need to start performing.

The first sentence contains our keyword – press release service – and our website link in full.  This is still sufficient and will offer excellent value, just as using money links would. That being said, we do not by any means recommend flooding a press release with links and keywords. You must keep in mind that having a couple of the above examples is great, but no more than a couple.

A press release is still picked up by many sources that will publish your article, so to stop sending press releases because of a misunderstanding would not make much sense.

To continue on with the theme of good marketing and SEO practices, keep in mind that a press release is to announce something exciting for your company, an event, or something of interest to the public. It is not a “chance to advertise”.  This is where your Google AdWords should come in.

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