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Using Google Webmaster Tools to Maximize Your SEO

Webmaster Tools(June 17, 2013) I came across an excellent article from Jayson DeMers dated June 10th 2013 about the best ways to use Google Webmaster tools to enhance or boost your campaign for SEO.

I personally don’t like the word SEO, as it now may give a negative connotation in light of recent search engine updates.

His article carries on to advise about different tools for ones SEO arsenal including the known Google Analytics.  If you are not already familiar with Google Analytics, you may want to start paying attention as this will help the most basic user comprehend and increase traffic for their website.

Google Analytics and Webmaster tools are not just for the inexperienced, however definitely for experienced users as well.

The article delves into the background of Google Webmaster tools, features that you should be using (which I found quite interesting), and becoming familiar with some of the search queries.  He further explains about Finding optimization with top pages, refining your page level strategy and about Author stats.

It is definitely worth a read. The article may be found at:


First Round of Updates Coming VERY Soon

News site updates to website.

News distribution site, adds enhancements.

If you haven’t checked out the press release distribution site recently, you may want to do so shortly.

The first wave of significant changes is due to be implemented very shortly (possibly as early as the next 24-48hrs).

Along with a few minor visual changes (the big visual changes will be the last to come), is the ability to now upload your images that you regularly use, and keep them in an image bank.

You will also notice a lot more social media interaction and the ability to now add your Twitter and Facebook feed to all your press releases.

Looking for a no-follow on your links? No-follow is no problem.  We have added the ability to add this to a single release or all your releases.  You can now change these options within your account manager!

These are just a few things mentioned, there are actually more changes, so check the site out and take a look around!