6 Expanding Marketing Trends To Keep An Eye On

(June 18th, 2013) Although this post is dated June the 18th, the article that I had read (link is at the bottom), is originally from April 25th, 2013 from Rishad at the below link.

Marketing and your brand

Marketing and your brand

So, what are the six new trends that are mentioned in the article?  Most of them, if you have your finger on the marketing pulse already, make sense.  They are:

1. Continuing down the digital road
2. Facilitation of self marketing
3. Content creation and distribution (press releases come to mind)
4. Television becoming more powerful, but in a much different form
5. Less ownership, and more access (possibly paying for cloud access to programs, etc.)
6. Marketing, a huge growth category

This article I found to be both informative and interesting, especially the part about guiding towards pay per use.  This brings to mind the strategy already being employed by Adobe, by not actually owning your software, but paying an annual or monthly fee to access programs online.  From what I have heard, not a popular choice by many, but it does allow more flexibility for some people.

One other point of interest was the mention about a multi glass world with devices like Google Glass, tablets and portable networked devices along with the full seasons of shows being released at once.

Check this article out, it is quite interesting if you are into Marketing.


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