More On Marketing for 2013 and 13 Trends

13 Marketing TrendsFor the majority of companies out there, internet marketing is one of the fastest most efficient methods of marketing available today.  In many cases, it is a necessity whereby if you do not have a presence on the net it will not take long for you to either be left behind or loose to competition that is on the Internet.

I have outlined, what appears to be 13 excellent trends for this year (which we are almost half way through), and some of them we have already seen.  The original article is by Tom Shapiro from startupnation.  The link to the original article is at the bottom.

The 13 topics are:

Design Matters

Marketing Goes Visual

Parallax Design

Mobile Mobile Mobile

Video Video Video

Cloud-Based Tools

The Multi-Screen World

Social Media Gets Smarter

Retargeting Goes Mainstream

Email Remarketing

Search, Social & PR Collide

Attribution Measurement

The Hispanic Market

One of the more interesting points of interest was #11 and the social integration for organic search.

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