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New Press Release Features – Still Coming….

With regards to our July 17th post about new features, we have set this time back (I believe this coming weekend), as we are actually adding further features along with the ones mentioned.  Thank you for your patience.

The additional press release features include dateline information as a separate field.  The dateline information will be available through a combination of drop down menu and free form type box.  This means that if your city/state/province etc., is not available in the drop down (most are), you will still be able to have it entered.

The reason for this change is because is going more international.  We will better be able to target your stories in different countries and journalists, through our new Media Desk portal (coming soon), will better be able to search your stories.  More on this to come as well!

We are hoping to impliment this weekend! – Effective, affordable press release distribution…

More Changes Coming!

Updates at 24-7PressRelease

Updates at 24-7PressRelease

As previously mentioned, the ongoing upgrades, enhancements and changes to the media release and press distribution site continue.

The latest changes, as of right now look like they will take place this coming weekend.

Change enhancements include:

  1. Addition of address book
  2. User INBOX
  3. Addition of Block Quotes


The address book is an excellent enhancement with marketing companies in mind (or anyone that represents more than a couple/few clients).

With the addition of the address book, you can now store contact information of up to 100 contacts (if you require more, we can accommodate you).  Contact information that may be stored includes:

Full name of contact


Full address information

Website URL

Blog URL

Facebook URL

Google+ URL

LinkedIn URL

Twitter URL

YouTube Channel URL

Boiler plate / About the Company

This will save you having to add this information each time your submit your press release at

The Facebook & Twitter URL also offer you the option of displaying your streams from the two sites.


The INBOX is a new system notification tool similar to that used by social media sites like Facebook & LinkedIn, or any forums.  When a system message is disseminated, the next time you log into your account, you will be notified of the pending message.  The user will have an option within their Account Manager to turn email notification ON/OFF.  Email notification is available to advise you (via an email message to your email that you register with) of any new messages on the site.

Block quote sample at 24-7PressRelease

Block quote sample at 24-7PressRelease


Similar to those seen on other news sites, block quotes (as seen here with the green quotation), are a small quote from the company about their company, product or service offered in a larger font in a separate area that stand out.

For those that have missed the news on some of our other recent upgrades, (including addition of an image bank to store your images online, social media extensions (to increase interaction of your press release), addition of YouTube video links and more, please see our Site Updates page at:

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Making Finding Keywords Within Stories Easier For Journalists / Bloggers

At, we have been actively working to enhance our site and experience for journalists, bloggers and of course companies looking to extend the reach of their news through both traditional news channels and of course social media engagement.

Huge enhancements are soon to come for journalists & bloggers, including a separate portal just for researching stories, however in the meantime we have made finding stories just a little bit easier by increasing the speed of searches and also adding a yellow highlight to keywords that you are searching for to show you exactly where your keyword is immediately! See the example below:

Journalist and blogger research tool.

Journalist and blogger research tool.

Social Media News Interaction & Distribution – Really Get Attention

Social Media News Marketing

Social Media News Marketing

It has not been long since implemented our updated Social Media interaction bars and already, we have seen some excellent successes.

We have noticed a definite increase in the interaction of press releases from users and have also had excellent feedback on the functionality of including your Facebook & Twitter feeds within your news media release page for extended viewership.  Thank you for all the positive comments!

More features and updates are soon to be implemented!  If you have not already followed us on Google Plus, make sure you do to keep updated with all our changes.

The new face of social media news interaction and distribution

Media News likes to keep you up to date with the latest in business news.  Below are a few of our top stories for July 15, 2013.  Our full list of stories may be found HERE


Taxpayers are looking to for looking into researching of reputable firms as the California Better Business Bureau works on restructuring.

View the full news media press release HERE


It was announced on July 15th by the Sacramento Professional Soccer, LLC (Sac Pro Soccer), the signing of Predrag Radosavlijevic (also known as “Preki”), to be head coach for the team’s 2013 season.  Preki has more than 15 years of experience and is known for scoring a game winning goal in 1998 over world power house Brazil.

View the full news media press release HERE


With everyone always wanting to look their best for their special wedding day, Eyeglass World questions whether or not you should wear glasses at your wedding?

View their full news media press release HERE


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Press Release Service CouponCheck out our Google Plus page (we recommend following us to keep posted on future coupons, etc.) for our latest coupon that expires Friday midnight!

The Future Of Technology – Are Touch Screens As We Currently Know Them On Their Way Out?

Touch Screen TechnologyIt is possible that touch screens could soon be a thing of the past, replaced by a new technology, Digital Overlay.  This technology has been developed by iQ by Intel and PSFK Labs, making virtually any flat surface an interactive screen!

The technology, although still new, looks very promising and is bound to find the attention of any techno-geek. Opening up apps on your hand, dialing a phone number from your arm, or not even having to use a tv remote because any surface can become your TV remote are not far off.

OmniTouch, a project that was developed by Microsoft along with Carnegie Mellon University’s Human Computer Interaction Institute is one demonstration of this new Digital Overlay technology trend.

Check out the whole story from Intel here:

Top 3 Press Releases for – July 8th, 2013

Media News ReleaseVisit our site to see the top 3 featured press releases for July 8th, 2013.

1. Announcement of 16 flavors that are now available from The World’s First Alcohol-Free Liquor Collection of Flavored Drinks, ArKay.  Full story, click here

2. Saturday July 27th, Shane Carwin will be meeting with with Fans from 12pm – 3pm signing autographs (former UFC heavyweight champion). Full story, click here

3. Workshop Announcement – A new one-day workshop in MN to increase the ability of businesses to create plan and execute their operational strategies. – Full story, click here


New Article Posted by NASA – “Science off the Sphere” Astronaut Don Pettit Wins NASA Engineer of the Year

NASA Press ReleaseExcellent article from NASA mentioning astronaut Don Pettit being awarded the NASA Engineer of the Year award from the National Society of Professional Engineers/Professional Engineers in Government.

Pettit was a flight engineer during Expedition 30/31 aboard the International Space Station.

Find the full press release at:

Apple iWork for iCloud – Currently in Beta

Apple iWork for iCloud

Apple iWork for iCloud

If you have not already heard, Apple’s iWork for iCloud is currently testing in Beta.

What is iWork for iCloud? A platform for web-based apps including Pages, Numbers and Keynote.  These apps will be usable by anyone across any platform and is meant to compete with Office 365 from Microsoft and Google Docs.

This means that documents (through iWork for iCloud) will be instantly synced to all Apple devices including iPod touch, iPad and iPhone.

Check out the full story, including screen shots through Venturebeat here.

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