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Apple iWork for iCloud – Currently in Beta

Apple iWork for iCloud

Apple iWork for iCloud

If you have not already heard, Apple’s iWork for iCloud is currently testing in Beta.

What is iWork for iCloud? A platform for web-based apps including Pages, Numbers and Keynote.  These apps will be usable by anyone across any platform and is meant to compete with Office 365 from Microsoft and Google Docs.

This means that documents (through iWork for iCloud) will be instantly synced to all Apple devices including iPod touch, iPad and iPhone.

Check out the full story, including screen shots through Venturebeat here.

Are You Following These Do’s and Don’ts of a Media Press Release?

Media News ReleaseAt (, we try to keep you as informed and updated on industry standards, updates and changes to search technologies as much as possible.

That being said, sometimes, we do like to reiterate information that may have been previously mentioned, only as a reminder.  This is simply because people in industries come and go and not everyone receives all the information all of the time.

A news media release is a key way, and very cost effective way to receive excellent exposure, quickly if written well.  We have included a few simple do’s and don’ts for your media release.  Most of these are common sense.

What you should do:

–          Make sure the news you are distributing is relevant.

–          Try to time your news, and tie it into a current event without going off topic.

–          Include attribution from someone within your company.

–          Keep links to the, or “Click here” type

–          Ensure accurate contact information within your media release

–          Include your social media links for your press release (something that now allows you to do). This will display your Facebook feed and twitter feed right on your press release page.

–          Include images, video or other media to enhance your media release.

–          Proof read, proof read and again, proof read your story.

–          If possible, add NOFOLLOW to your links within your press release.


Avoid these mistakes:

–          Do not include HTML tags within a press release.  This is a news media release you are submitting, not a web page.

–          Do not exaggerate your stories. Tell it like it is.

–          Ensure the language within your press release is as common to the general public is possible.  Remember the rule of age, that you want your story to be read and understood by anyone from 15 – 75.

–          Do not include more than 2 or 3 “money links”.  These are links like “vacuum cleaner”, “cellphone case” etc. Any words that you would pay for on search engines for ads.

–          Do not ramble on with a 700 word media release.  Ensure it is short and to the point.  An interested journalist will contact you for further information.

–          Avoid free services, they are time consuming and do not provide the same results as reliable paid services.

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