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Guidelines for Crafting an Excellent Press Release with Google’s Penguin 2.0 in Mind

Social Media News Distribution(July 17, 2013) The big question we have been hearing from many individuals has been “Is a press release still a good idea?” The answer is ABSOLUTELY!

The dynamics of a press release have and will always continue to change, but the basics are the same and will never go away – disseminating your news to as many eyeballs or journalists as possible.

The way a press release (or as some people now know them, a news media release), is still of value is by distributing your news to individuals (mainly journalists and bloggers now) that find your story compelling and want to re-publish it. This will never go away. A newer twist is the engagement of social media and getting the “general public” engaged and interactive with your story as well.  This would be through re-publishing through Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and any other mainstream social media outlets.

Keywords are and are not a thing of the past. Linking them is a past practice, BUT to include them within your press release, and even around an http://, or in the same paragraph still has value and is not to be undermined. At, we offer a tool in the user admin area that enables the user to add a “NO FOLLOW” to all links within their press release. This is what we recommend IF you have to have any keywords linked at all.

Keep your press release brief, enticing, on topic and if possible, include links to sources (if relative to your story) to any official .edu or .gov sites. Spend time on a catchy title. Try to include reference to something current (and big) in the news already.

With these simple practices, your press release has a much better chance to garner eyeballs and be republished. Don’t forget, your press release is still seen by search engines as valuable when people “re-tweet”, “re-send”, “+1” or “Like” your story!

Press releases are still the marketing tool that provides the best return on investment – especially for businesses looking for instant gratification.

By Michael Iwasaki

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