New Press Release Features – Still Coming….

With regards to our July 17th post about new features, we have set this time back (I believe this coming weekend), as we are actually adding further features along with the ones mentioned.  Thank you for your patience.

The additional press release features include dateline information as a separate field.  The dateline information will be available through a combination of drop down menu and free form type box.  This means that if your city/state/province etc., is not available in the drop down (most are), you will still be able to have it entered.

The reason for this change is because is going more international.  We will better be able to target your stories in different countries and journalists, through our new Media Desk portal (coming soon), will better be able to search your stories.  More on this to come as well!

We are hoping to impliment this weekend! – Effective, affordable press release distribution…

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