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More Press Release Service Changes For

Changes ComingIn an ongoing effort to be a top provider for news distribution, will be upgrading with some extra features this weekend. A few highlights include:

1. Addition of our Address Book: This means for PR & Marketing companies, you no longer have to repeat typing in frequent customer contact info, keep them all in your address book.
2. Addition of Block Quote: Make your press release stand out more
3. Addition of voting. Email friends, family & Colleagues the link to your story and ask them to vote for it giving your story a higher social standing.
4. System Inbox: We want to better  communicate updates, changes and what is going on without bombarding you with emails.  You will have the option to receive update notifications through email if you desire.
5. Rich Text Editor: Take the guess work out of coding for adding features like bold, italics, email and hypertext links.

These are just a few basic changes with many more to come shortly!

Distribution through Associated Press is just around the corner, so keep posted!

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