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Are You Familiar With Googles Latest Update Titled “Hummingbird”? — Conversational Search…

Google HummingbirdIf you are a business owner with a presence on the web, you had better be aware of Googles latest update… it is their largest update since 2001, and appropriately, was launched on the eve of their 15th birthday!

I will post the full article link at the end, however to keep things to the point, Hummingbird taps in to what people really seem to be looking for, and it is not “key word searches”, it is more to do with key phrase searches.  The key phrase type searches are more for what they are calling “conversational searches” of what people are really looking for, displaying much more accurate results.

The explanation behind this is to hopefully weed out much of the “airy fluffy content” posted to many sites.

So, how will this affect you? If you are a business owner, businesses that previously did not rank well for “generic terms” may have more of a chance for better rankings.  This means that as a business owner, you will need to re-think your strategies on how people are finding your business online and what exactly they are searching to find you.

All in all, this type of an update does make sense and should help businesses, but as a business owner, you will really need to hone in on marketing and how people searching to find your business.

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