Marketing Myths You Need to Know About, Twitter Reversing Blocking Changes and Tracking Your Press Release…

Marketing and your brand

Marketing and your brand

Marketing, Public Relations and Social Media are at an all time peak as far as how quickly the industries are changing.  With new strategies and the way information changes, you need to keep on top of these changes, or be left at the back of the pack still trying to figure out how to configure your MySpace page while asking your secretary to fax your latest press release out to all the media outlets.

As a leader in the press release distribution industry, and knowing that a press release is a major part of your marketing and public relations component, we like to try to keep you updated with the latest of what is going on in the industry.  Our journalists scour the web to find the most recent information and post it to our Google+ page for you to find and sift through easily.

Join us at our Google Plus page at: for these and many more headlines to help you out.

What other information is there?

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