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Social Media ChristmasDo you keep current with the ever so quick changes in Social Media, Public Relations and Advertising?  At 24-7 Press Release Newswire, we don’t just do press release distribution, we also keep you current on the latest news, information and updates from around the web.  Although an integral part of any marketers toolkit, a press release is not the only tool.  Learn what other tools can help you! Here are a few that you can find at our Google+ page (

– Are you keeping up to date on the latest tweaks at Facebook that may be affecting the visibility of your brand?

– Are you following these tips to use social media to increase your holiday sales?

– Some information on how Facebook beat advertising fraud

– Google universal analytics

One of the most timely take-a ways for this would probably be the 5 tips on using social media to boost holiday sales, which includes a look into hash-tags, and how to use them along with strategies for coupon use and social media and really getting your customers involved.

The net is no longer a “push information” place… It is a fully engaging social media engagement process that you need to get your customers involved with.

Enjoy the reading and find us at Google+!


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