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The Latest PR & Marketing Info For December 18, 2013 – Including Social Trends & Tips Now Posted…

Marketing ToolsHere are a few treats from Today’s Google Plus page at: 

Social Trends and Tips, some information from the WOMMA Summit (Word of Mouth Marketing Association) in Nashville, TN., a briefing:

The information from this article discusses how the marketer no longer owns the brand, it is the consumer that does.  “Brands are now competing against EVERYTHING”.  A quote from Jay Baer at the summit.

It is about finding the right users to tell your story and giving them the right content and tools to tell it.

Read the rest at:


Have you been eyeballing the new Mac Pro from Apple? 

They start at $3,000 and they will begin shipping tomorrow.

This is a completely newly designed model that had been originally unveiled earlier this year and starts to ship tomorrow.

The basic Mac Pro will ship with a 3.7 GHz Quad-core Intel Xeon processor


Social Media Marketing – Are you following these 5 examples?

An excellent example from some top companies using Social Media Marketing, effectively, like Oreo, the little cookie that could, Eat 24 and more.

Come check out the examples that some of these companies are using that could help you muster up some original ideas yourself!


Are you looking after your own Public Relations?

Some tips to help you with your own Public Relations, whether it be press releases, advertising or general publicity.

Finding your inner expert, checking out what is online, PR Tools at your disposal.  All of these and more to help you kick-start your own public relations.


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