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Why a Press Release Still Holds Value in the Eyes of Google.

Media News ReleaseWe came across another posting, this time over at Search Engine Land, about a subject close to our hearts.  The press release.  Although many, that are entrenched in the industry still recognize them as a valuable marketing tool, there are still people out there that believe that because of Google’s Penguin update, they are seen as damaging.  This is completely incorrect, here is the supporting information.

In an article from about mid 2013 at Search Engine Land had a quote from Barry Schwartz, who reportedly spoke to Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Muller about the role of a press release.  Here is what had been reported.

Google’s John Mueller did add that there is still great value to using press releases. The goal of the press release is to get the word out to the press about your new service or product. When the press hears about what you have to offer and if/when they decide to write about it on their own sites, those links do not need to be nofollowed. In fact, those stories written editorially are the links that Google values the most.

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