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4 Great Tips For Media Coverage… Have a Read….

PR For Your BusinessMarketing and Press Releases.  They go hand in hand and they will never go away.  The way a press release works may transform, like we have seen over the years, but they basics and fundamentals will never disappear.  The value of a press release, even by Google is clearly stated in an article at SearchEngineLand ( – Just make sure you only use NO FOLLOW links through press distribution services that support this (Yes, we support NO FOLLOW at 24-7 Press Release Newswire).

The article we are going to refer you to, we came across over at Mashable, titled “4 Tips for Getting Press Coverage”.  This article resonated well with us as they clearly have some excellent points which include:


– Looking into whether or not a publication offers an editorial calendar

– Content Creation (your OWN content)

– Making sure you do good deeds


– How to get other press

Again, an excellent article for those that truly want the best results from their press release.


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Today, our posts include:

– “How To Succeed In Social Media Without Wasting Time And Money” (some information we found on

– “Looking to hire a PR FIRM? You may want to READ THIS FIRST before doing so to make sure a Public Relations firm WILL really help you with what you want! ” – from

– “7 Horrific Mistakes Your Company Can Make On Camera” (From MaccaPR,

and “How CEO’s are clueless about technology” (USA Today)

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Metrics and Tracking Your Press Release Performance Online Part 3

Tracking Your Press ReleaseIn Part 1 of this blog series we discussed how to analyze the statistics provided to you by your press release distribution service after your release was disseminated over the newswire, and in Part 2 we talked about using a clipping or media monitoring service to see what mentions your company is getting in both online and print media.

The problem with a clipping service is the price – it can be very costly, due to the time involved to scour through the various news outlets and find news relating to your own company.

So with this post we want to present to you an alternative way of tracking your release performance online that is free, quick and simple, though obviously not as thorough or extensive as a clipping service.

Simply Google your headline in quotation marks to isolate the results to only your release. This will give you an idea of how many online outlets picked up your release. It will not include mentions of your company or release subject in print media outlets, but as a general rule, if print journalists wanted to write about your company based on something they read in one of your press releases, they would contact the person listed on the release as media contact. The only other instance is if a journalist decided to reduce what your release said into a ‘filler’ item, where they need a couple of inches filled within the newspaper and can get all the information they need for that from the release. In that instance you would not be contacted, but coverage would have gone out about your company. That would be difficult to find out about, however, without the use of a media monitoring service.

Combined with Parts 1 and 2, these three blog posts have outlined your options for tracking your metrics after using press release distribution. However, in closing it is important to emphasize that obsessively tracking your release’s performance after each press release is really not that necessary. The key is to use press release distribution regularly and consistently and over time you should see an increase in traffic to your website and interest in your company. It just may take a while to pay off. That kind of result cannot be shown in the metrics of just one release, no matter how extensively you track them.

Metrics and Tracking Your Press Release Performance Part 2

Press Release Metrics and Performance tracking.

Press Release Metrics and Performance tracking.

So you’ve distributed a press release – well done! That’s the first step to utilizing online press release distribution services for your online marketing purposes.

Now you want to see how your press release performed, right?

Most press release services cannot offer you metrics for tracking your release’s performance beyond how it performed on that service’s own website. The reason for this is that their newswires – hopefully – are extensive and far-reaching, a combination of online outlets and print media outlets – and therefore it is very difficult to keep track of one release when it is sent to so many hundreds or thousands of places.

We previously blogged about how to decipher the statistics provided by the press release service itself, using examples from 24-7 Press Release Newswire’s own service. Now we will talk about some ways to track the performance of your release on the wire at large.

The best and most comprehensive way to track your release’s performance is to use a clipping service (also known nowadays as a media monitoring service). The very purpose of these services is that they spend the time scouring the web and media outlets for mentions of your company, your release and your news and come up with a fairly comprehensive snapshot of where your release or company is being discussed on the web.

This service can be costly, however, so may not be feasible – they can be several hundred dollars per release, which can equal or exceed the cost of writing and distributing the release!

If you are looking instead for a free and easy option for tracking your press release performance online, check back soon for Part 3 which discusses just that.

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Metrics and Tracking Your Press Release Performance Part 1

MetricsThis subject is a popular one among customers at 24-7 Press Release Newswire, understandably. You have submitted your press release, it’s gone out over the wire and you have received a proof of distribution report to show some of the places your release was sent to. What next?

This is a three-part blog series and in this first part we will discuss how to analyze and use the metrics provided to you by the press release service you use. Part 2 will discuss how to track your release’s performance on the wire through the use of a clipping service, and Part 3 will talk about cheaper (even free!) and easy ways to track your release online.

In this first post we will explain how to decipher the statistics provided to you by the distribution service itself. Most distribution services will vary their terminology and statistics offered slightly, so for the purposes of simplicity, throughout this blog post, we will refer to the statistics 24-7 Press Release Newswire offers its clients.

The main statistics to take note of are the number of views your release got and the number of times it was emailed to a friend.

The “Email to a Friend” statistic encompasses the number of times someone used the email tool on the website to share your press release with someone, as well as how many times the distribution system emailed the release to a subscriber journalist who expressed interest in the genre or industry your press relates to.

The number of views your release got refers to the amount of times someone clicked on your headline to read your full release, so it is a good gauge of the level of interest our press release drew in from only the headline.

Those are the two primary statistics that really reflect the effectiveness of a press release on the average consumer. Join us in Part 2 to find out how to understand how the use of a clipping service can help you to track release performance on the wire.

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