The Best Social Media Tools to Boost Your Online PR Campaigns.

Social Media ToolsAt 24-7 Press Release Newswire, we’ve been enjoying the excellent social media marketing advice, articles, hints and tips at recently – and observing the intrinsic link between effective online PR campaigns and well-delivered social media.

And to help you utilise the complex world of social media marketing in tandem with your online PR, this fantastic article contains 60 of the best social media tools for small businesses to gain competitive advantage online.

As well as listing some incredible tools and platforms to monitor the big social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, the article clearly highlights the best of the best when it comes to social media monitoring – an often overlooked part of the mix.

Our favourite platforms and tools in the social media monitoring space are:

* Mention – online tracking of your business name. It goes beyond Google Alerts for tracking your name or company name globally. You can find out hoe many people are mentioning your name or business name without using the @ sign, and the tracking tool has received excellent ratings.

* SocialMention – this tool helps track areas such as sentiment, reach, passion and strength. It focuses more on how people feel and react to your Brand and business content on social media platforms. This is powerful, as you can see how an online audience’s sentiment changes over time, and adjust your online PR accordingly.

* Keyhole – if you’re looking to track a hashtag campaign online, Keyhole delivers this across Twitter, Facebook AND Instagram. Excellent for tracking an upcoming event, measure the popularity of the campaign. Keyhole also enables tracking of an event before, during and after – providing a full dashboard of analytics, influencers and demographics.

For overall social media analytics, these are our favourite platforms to try:

Buzz Sumo – delivers the most popular content on set topic, or website. This provides powerful insight, which can drive future online PR campaigns.

Rival IQ – if you’ve ever wondered what a competitor is doing, Rival IQ can help, by tracking a Brand and monitoring their activity on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. Rival IQ provides insight into competitor campaigns.

Klout – this well-established tool collates information across the Web, and gives a Klout Score for an individual, Brand and website. Klout also tracks key topics, views content suggestions, and posts to social media profiles. Awesome!

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