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Content is More Important Than You Think – Tips You Should be Aware of Before You Distribute Your Next Press Release.

Don't let your next press release be another star in the sea of stars in our galaxy.  Make it stand out.

Don’t let your next press release be another star in the sea of stars in our galaxy. Make it stand out.

The more news content that fills the web, the more creative you must become when writing your press release. Do you think your press release will be the only one to hit the wires in the morning? Sorry to disappoint you, however your next press release is one of hundreds of thousands that go out in a given day. Think of it as just being just another star in the galaxy. What is going to give you that extra glimmer?

It is no longer a world of ‘send it and they will read it’. In fact, that world has not existed in a long time. Too make things more complex, it is not enough to have your audience simply read what you have written. You probably want them to take action.

Using an enticing headline is a good start. This could be asking the user a question that gets into their head such as if you are targeting a parental audience, the question of ‘Are you a Responsible Parent?’ – It is in the nature of most people require positive affirmation, so, you grab their attention because of their curiosity to ensure that they are indeed a good, responsible parent. Take it another step further by adding a simple statement like ‘Find out by taking this quiz’. This again adds an element of curiosity and a challenge that people like.

From this headline, you could lead into a short story talking about some irresponsible parents. Why would someone want to read about ‘irresponsible parents’? The same reason people slow down for car accidents and watch the news.

Simple headlines for a press release like ‘ABC Widgets Announces new Director of Communications’ no longer cut it unless ‘ABC Widgets’ is a major international corporation that is publicly traded on a major stock exchange.

Other content you could incorporate into a press release is content that provides resources to your audience.   Perhaps tie this into numbered lists like. ‘Here are 7 of our top resources for becoming the best parent in the world’.

Keep your content meaningful and interesting to your audience and don’t forget to add your call to action. The online world is changing and you need to be that slightly taller blade of grass to stand out in the field of news that inundates journalists on a daily basis.

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5 Important Thoughts to Consider Before You Click ‘Send’ With Your Preferred Press Release Service Company.

It is no hidden secret that a well-crafted press release, distributed through the right channels is an excellent way to increase your online visibility and potentially assist with search rankings.

Tips when using a press release service to distribute your news.

Tips when using a press release service to distribute your news.

However to send out a news release ‘just to send something out that is stuffed with keywords’ is going to end up getting you in a heap of trouble.

We have assembled a few thoughts to consider before you click that ‘send’ button. Here they are.

  1. How familiar are you with your industry. Many press distribution services, like 24-7 Press Release Newswire, have potentially hundreds of categories to select from when sending out your news.   Knowing exactly which categories are relevant to your business is critical to reach the right journalists. This is because in many cases, the news categories are tied to what journalists have registered to receive.
  1. Timing is a key component. Do you know what time the press release service company you are using disseminates their news to their channel partners and journalists? Do you know where they are located? 24-7 Press Release Newswire has found the most effective distribution time to send your press release is between 3am – 6am eastern for national news and 6am – 8am for a local event. The day of the week you send your press release is also imperative. Our recommended day for distribution is Tuesdays, followed by and Wednesday or Thursday. In our experience, by Friday afternoon, most people have checked out mentally. Over the weekend, unless it is sports oriented, people don’t chime into the news as much, particularly journalists. And by the time Monday rolls around, most people use this as a catch up and planning day. By Tuesday, most people have settled into their routine.
  1. In the past, we have mentioned that accompanying your press release with a vivid image is imperious. People like pictures. People like pictures. Did we mention that twice? That is because we have found a news release with an image attachment can receive upward of 300% more visibility than one without. At the very least, attach your company logo.
  1. How well are you tuned into what geographic location(s) are the most suitable for your business and news release? Is your news local to a neighbourhood? A city? The entire state? Or, in some cases, your press release may be applicable to various states in a region. Particularly if your product is offered online only. Naturally, to select the city that is closest to your business is the first obvious choice.
  1. Last but not least, who will be your point of contact and is this person available for a 3 week period after your press release goes out? This one may seem obvious; however is one of the most overlooked points. We cannot tell you the number of times that people add a contact to their press release that is never available. Or worse yet, they select a contact that is about to go on holiday and leave their phone off. Ensure the contact you place within your press release is someone that can be reached, that knows about the press release and knows the product or service. This person should also be familiar with answering questions.

Although many of the points we have mentioned may seem obvious, there is a reason why we have put this list together. All too often the most obvious details are missed or forgotten about. By following these simple points you will increase your chances of further visibility with a journalist, blogger or writer.

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