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Best Press Release Distribution Services in 2017 – The Results Were not What we Would Have Expected.

Best Press Release Distribution Services

Best Press Release Distribution Services

It is not rocket science that the Internet has changed the way we conduct business online and also the way in which customers conduct research for a businesses they may consider using, online.  Search engines, because of their improved accuracy over the years, are the first ‘go-to’ that many turn to in search of almost anything we want further information on.

24-7 Press Release Newswire,, was recently listed by AdvisoryHQ as their top selection for press release services for 2017.  Although we are extremely happy to receive this excellent award, we were slightly intrigued about how we stumbled across the results.

For this particular scenario, we were actually looking up ‘press release service’ in Google. From time to time, we like to check rankings and see how the competition is doing and if there are any significant algorithm updates.  We were quite interested to see that four of the top 10 results were what we call ‘list review companies’.  We consider a ‘list review company’, a site that does reviews on businesses in assorted industries and posts ‘the best of…’ or ‘the top 10…’ etc.

This result is not something that we would have anticipated.  We would have expected to see results for all the different businesses that are in the press release service industry.

Although we are grateful to accept being listed as their top choice for press release service companies, it was simply one of those findings that make you go ‘hmmm’.

We are not sure if this also holds true to other industries (I would image so, considering it is the same algorithm), but just something we found of interest. We would have personally expected to find the results we did under a more appropriate search term such as “Best press release service distribution companies”.

As far as why was selected by Advisory HQ for their ranking?  Part of the acknowledgement was 24-7 Press’s comprehensive Knowledge Base that provides a plethora of articles ranging from press release tips and information, to content marketing and much more, which may be found here: – A page that has received over 1,600 Facebook Likes!

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