24-7 Press Release Newswire asks: “Do you know the ideal time for press release distribution? If you don’t, you might be losing readers!”

Marketing and your brand

Marketing and your brand

As a member of the press release distribution industry for more than 10 years, 24-7 Press Release Newswire has seen almost everything and recognizes that timing is a significant factor when you distribute your press release.

We have seen all the presentations, articles and info-graphics discussing what is the ideal time to post to certain social media. For example, an article over at slideshare.net (http://www.slideshare.net/TrackMaven/when-to-postslidesharepdf), says that the time when most brands tweet is during the work week, with a peak on Thursdays. Over the weekend, there is a significant drop. The most popular hours during the week are 9am – 6pm, with the peak hour being 12pm – 1pm. This seems contradictory to the next statistic that shows tweets receive the most re-tweets on Sundays.

Here’s an interesting statistic: 87 percent of the time, brands publish to their blog during the week, with the peak time being Tuesday and Wednesday. This coincides with press release distribution.

So why are Tuesdays and Wednesdays a peak time for press release distribution? We have found that the work week can be psychological. It would appear that Mondays are the busiest day. Individuals that may have taken a long weekend (by taking the Friday off) are catching up. Because most people are catching up on a Monday, they may tend to push “online news readership” off until they have caught up with all their work. Meetings also tend to take place on a Monday, as they may lay groundwork for the rest of the week. Tuesday is typically the day that the majority of people have caught up with their work and can afford some time to “browse around.” For the most part, this also is true for Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Friday is a different day all together. It is one that most people tend to take off when they are looking to extend their weekend and it is also a time where many tend to be a little more “social” and less focused at the office. Although some people may choose Monday as the day to extend their weekend, in our experience, it is far more common to choose Friday for that purpose. This is why Friday also is not an ideal time for press distribution. Because the weekend is soon upon people, many tend to mentally check out around noon on Friday and play catch up on Monday morning.

This does not happen in every office and every industry, but this is what we have found through our experience over the years and as we talk with our many clients. So the next time you schedule your press release distribution time, you may want to consider scheduling it for Tuesday, Wednesday or perhaps Thursday, unless your press release is extremely time sensitive. As a rule of thumb, weekends also should be avoided.

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The company pays particular attention to the ever-changing search engine optimization industry, dissemination technologies and offers a variety of news distribution packages.

Link Opportunities You Don’t Want to Miss

Link building is still an important component of SEO, as long as you are working at building the right kind of links.  A link that is worth attaining is from a quality source that is relevant to the industry or niche that you are in.  The best links are the ones that occur naturally when outside parties share your content because they find it valuable and useful, however those links take time to achieve.  White hat link building can be challenging, yet there are ways to build links by leveraging the content marketing that you should already be doing.

Incorporate links into these items right now:

Blog posts

A company blog is worthwhile because it showcases your knowledge and brand personality and generates trust among readers that may be interested in the products or services that you sell.  It also provides lots of SEO “wins” since each blog post adds a new page of content to your website that has the opportunity to rank and the search engines prefer websites that keep their content “fresh”.  Utilize a blog post for link purposes by inner linking to another page of your website within the post.  The first step is getting someone to find your blog post and then click over to it but ideally that new website visitor will take an additional action on the site and click around to learn more.  Encourage this click by using a keyword anchor text link in the post that links over to a related internal page of the site.  This isn’t necessary with every blog post but doing it every 2-3 posts is recommended.

Guest posts

Blog posts on your own site are great but in order to expand your content marketing and reach a new audience it’s recommended to review industry sites and look for guest blog posts or other content submission opportunities.  In addition to including a link in the body of the guest article (if it’s allowed) it’s also important to create an optimized “about the author” bio to be included with each guest post that includes some keywords and anchor text in addition to selling who you are and what you offer.

Online press releases

An online press release should be written and submitted to a paid press release distribution service online any time there is something newsworthy going on in the company.  It doesn’t need to be groundbreaking news, anything “new” will work as long as the topic is interesting or relevant in the industry.  An online press release has the potential to get picked up by numerous news sources.  Incorporate important links within the body of the release.  One link per 100 words is acceptable.  Link to the page of the website that is most closely related to the press release topic and a few other important pages.  Vary the anchor text so that it appears natural.

About the Author:

Nick Stamoulis is the President of Brick Marketing, a Boston SEO company.  For more information call 781-999-1222 or visit http://www.brickmarketing.com.

With Changes in Marketing and SEO Strategies Sure to be a Discussion Point at SXSW, Where Does That Leave Online Marketing, Traditional Press Releases and SEO?

SEO and online marketing are not dead. They are evolving.

Over the past 9-12 months, there have been some big changes within some of the major search engines.  This will no doubt be a talked-about topic at SXSW amongst marketing individuals. The fact is that the changes are supposed to be positive.

“We have had a few enquiries from individuals about sending out a press release, wondering if it is still a viable method of marketing as it used to be,” said Michael Iwasaki, managing partner of 24-7PressRelease.com. “A press release is not going away and will always be a mainstay tool for many marketers. On that note, they need to be treated with respect. We have always advised that if you send out a press release, ensure it is newsworthy, something that will attract journalists, bloggers or any other individuals that may want to follow up your story. “

He has advice regarding anchor text links, also. “If you wish to include links within your press release, do not abuse this option. Adding 8-10 keyword links (all pointing back to the same location) is not advisable.  We are not experts for search engines, but advise no more than 3 links within a press release, pointing to different locations such as your home page, WikiPedia.com, or your blog.”

Remember to include varied media in a release, too, as studies have shown that improves a release’s performance. “Including media within your release is an excellent way to gain visibility.  At www.24-7PressRelease.com, an excellent example is through our Mass Media Visibility package. We have a relationship with PR Newswire for amazing traditional media exposure and distribution, and you can also add images and video with almost all of our packages,” added Iwasaki.

In this day and age, having an array of marketing tools is recommended. A decent start could include Google AdWords, social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.), blogging and of course a press release with media inclusions.

About 24-7PressRelease.com
Launched in 2004, 24-7PressRelease.com is a leader in the online press release distribution industry.

Through its multichannel distribution network, 24-7PressRelease.com helps corporations and organizations disseminate their news to consumers, editors, journalists, bloggers and websites.

24-7PressRelease supports businesses in building brand awareness and increase visibility on the web through social media and bloggers.

White Hat SEO Guidelines to Follow

When it comes to SEO, there are two ways to approach it.  The first approach is called a “white hat” approach, meaning that whoever is responsible for executing SEO activities on behalf of a website, whether it is an in house SEO Specialist, an SEO agency, an SEO consultant, a marketing team member, etc., implements SEO tactics that are deemed appropriate in the eyes of the search engines.  The search engines publicly state what approved practices are and which practices are frowned upon and could result in a penalty or dip in ranking.  The second approach is called a “black hat” approach.  Black hatters use these practices that are frowned upon.  And why would they do that?  Well, black hat tactics can sometimes result in a quick improvement in rank and SERP (search engine results page) presence.  However, since the search algorithms continue to get more sophisticated, these black hat SEO activities will catch up with a site owner sooner or later which is why white hat SEO is the best option to protect your site in the long run. 

Follow these 3 crucial guidelines of white hat SEO for long term success:

Focus on link quality over link quantity

In the old days of SEO, nearly any link that you could get that pointed back to your site held some kind of value.  That’s no longer the case as the Google Penguin update made it clear that not all links are created equal and there is in fact a big difference between good links and bad links.  Links that are considered to be “unnatural” are bad and include links from unrelated websites, link exchanges, hidden links, and more.  A white hat approach means only going after quality links from trusted sources that in addition to improving a link portfolio, will also result in generating traffic from target audience members. 

Avoid keyword anchor text overuse

Sites that relied too heavily on exact match anchor text were also victims of the Google Penguin update.  If your site is using the same keyword anchor text over and over, it’s not a natural way to link.  Think about how a visitor might link to your content.  They probably wouldn’t link using one of your top keywords.  They would be more likely to use the anchor text “click here” or link to the name of your business or brand or might not even include anchor text at all and simply include the full URL.  Vary the anchor text so that it includes branded keywords, some priority keywords, and many long-tail variations so that it doesn’t look like you are trying to manipulate the search results for a particular phrase. 

Write content for the reader first, search spider second

Content is a necessary component of an SEO campaign today.  Content that includes targeted keywords is what gets noticed by the search engine spiders.  However, it’s important to keep in mind that the search engine spiders aren’t the primary target of content, the primary target are actual human Internet users.  If your content is stuffed with keywords, it’s clear that it wasn’t created with the end user in mind and will be rejected by the search spiders. 

About the Author:

Nick Stamoulis is the President of Brick Marketing, a search marketing company that provides B2B SEO services.  For more information call 781-999-1222 or visit http://www.brickmarketing.com

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Suggestions to Maintain Website Visitor Growth

What’s frustrating about SEO and online marketing in general is that it often takes time to see an improvement in website traffic.  However, as time goes on and the site has been optimized, a link building strategy has been created and implemented, and social media activity remains consistent there should be a gradual increase in traffic.  The goal is for the traffic volume to continue to improve steadily.  If you find that your website traffic has hit a wall and traffic has reached a plateau, that’s when it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and try some new strategies.  Writing blog posts and press releases and sharing them in social media can really only get you so far. 

Here are 4 additional ways to continue to improve traffic efforts:

Look for guest blog posting opportunities

Blogging is a great online marketing strategy for many reasons.  Not only do business blog posts provide potential customers/clients with valuable information about your company and industry but they also serve an important SEO function.  Blog posts provide the opportunity to inner link to other pages of the site.  They are also valuable from a social media sharing perspective.  In order to improve your social signals for search purposes it’s necessary to share content in social media that is worthy of sharing.  A great blog post will get shared, re-tweeted, promoted, etc.  Writing for your own web property is a great start, but it’s suggested to branch out and look for writing opportunities on other related industry sites.  In addition to generating quality links back to your site that improve search engine trust, it can also improve visibility among target audience members and the links can generate direct traffic back to the site. 

Try new content formats

While blogging is an important component of online marketing today, it is really only one content outlet.  People like to consume content in various formats, so creating content in various formats is a great way to improve exposure.  Don’t be afraid to try something new.  Experiment with webinars, eBooks, infographics, videos, white papers, etc.  Each of these pieces of content has the potential to gain attention from target audience members and get them to convert.  A good strategy is to use your previous blog posts as inspiration.  Repurpose blog post content and turn it into one of these different formats. 

Email marketing

No matter what you’ve heard, email marketing is still an effective tactic as long as it’s implemented properly.  People are always checking their email and if you can provide them with something of value, it will get opened.  While it can be difficult to generate a quality opt in list of subscribers, it’s worth the effort because you know that the recipients are interested in what you have to say.  If you already are active in email marketing, take a look at the data and see what the open rate is.  Maybe you need to make a few minor tweaks. 

Online advertising

If your website traffic has hit a wall one option to look into is online advertising.  Banner advertising is usually hit or miss depending on the niche.  The better option is usually to invest in PPC.  PPC can be expensive depending on the keywords that you are targeting but it can generate visitors.  It also helps achieve organic traffic in an indirect way.  If a searcher sees your brand in both the organic and paid section of a search engine results page it qualifies that your site has what they are looking for. 

About the Author:

Nick Stamoulis is the President of Brick Marketing, a B2B SEO firm.  For more information call 781-999-1222 or visit http://www.brickmarketing.com.

Press Release Topic Ideas for SEO

One relatively easy way to generate backlinks and traffic to your website is to write and distribute a press release using a paid distribution service anytime there is anything newsworthy going on in your business.  An online press release that is distributed through a paid service allows links in the body of the release.  This can help grow your link portfolio and improve the trust and authority of your site over time if the releases get picked up by reputable news sources.  Online press releases also help from an online reputation management perspective.  Online press releases typically appear in the search engines for branded search terms.  Unfortunately there is no guarantee that there won’t ever be any negative content posted about your business online.  Positive content (like press releases) should outweigh any negative content to keep attention away from anything negative.

Press release topics need to be newsworthy.  If there is nothing “new” about the release, it won’t get picked up and it may even be rejected by the editor of the press release distribution site.  However, there is no need to over think the release.  Anything “new” can be newsworthy and can be turned into a great press release with the correct writer.  If you aren’t sure what topic could be turned into a press release, here are some ideas:

New employee

Depending on the size of your business, it’s possible that you are hiring someone new every other week.  If that’s the case, it isn’t recommended to send out a press release each time.  You might want to save it for when a higher level executive is hired.  However, if you operate a small business, hiring a new employee is definitely newsworthy.  Send out a press release about the new hire, the position that they will hold, and how they will be contributing to your business.  It’s a good opportunity to also showcase what your company has to offer.

New product/service

Over time a company should evolve and add new products and services to keep up with the demand of consumers.  Writing and publishing a press release is a great way to promote the new offerings of your company.

Event sponsorship

Offline marketing efforts can help improve online marketing efforts if you know how to leverage them.  For SEO purposes, event sponsorship provides many opportunities.  You should be able to obtain a link from the event website. It can also help with content marketing.  In addition to announcing the sponsorship via a press release, you can also write blog posts before, during, and after the event.

New office

If your company is growing it’s likely that you will need new office space to accommodate that growth.  If your business if moving from one location to another it is a newsworthy event, especially in the town that you are moving to as it is creating more jobs in that area.


Anytime your business or an employee wins an award, you should want to brag about it.  Awards can generate business to your company.  When people conduct a branded search and see a press release stating that the company won an award, they will be more likely to do business with you.

About the Author:

Nick Stamoulis is the President of Brick Marketing, a Boston SEO firm.  For more information call 781-999-1222 or visit http://www.brickmarketing.com.

3 Ways to Improve Your Local Search Presence

As the results that appear when conducting a search become more personalized based on location and people are increasingly searching on a mobile device while on the go, local SEO is becoming more and more crucial.  When someone conducts a search, the search engines determine what establishments are the closest that offer what they need, assuming that the searcher is looking for what’s most convenient.  Therefore, it’s necessary to use specific tactics in order to convey to the search engines (and target audience members) where exactly your business is located.

Incorporate these 3 tactics into your SEO strategy to improve local search efforts and generate more local traffic to your site:

Incorporate local keywords onto the website

Whether you are targeting a local audience or a national audience, the first step of an SEO campaign is the same.  The first thing that needs to be done is keyword research.  This will give you an understanding of how people are searching.  You never want to simply assume which keywords to use because it could result in missed opportunities.  If you are targeting a local audience, keywords will need to be localized by including the city or the city and the state.  For larger areas, like big cities, it makes sense to niche it down even further by targeting a specific neighborhood.  This is especially a good idea for local businesses that have lots of competition in a small area, like take out dinner establishments.

Add contact information to every page of the website

There are certain elements of a website that are necessary to include because they help to convey trust to the website visitor.  Some people are still wary about what they find online, so it’s important to include contact information to confirm that you are, in fact, a real business.  This is especially important for a local business that people are going to physically visit.  Include the address, mailing address (if different), and phone number on every page of the site so that people don’t have to go looking for a contact page.  Include the names of the towns, neighborhoods, or cities that you serve along with contact info in the footer.  Remember, the phone number digits should be separated by dashes (ex. 555-000) so that people can easily click on it and call from their mobile device.

Activate local business listings

One of the first items on your local link building strategy should be to submit information to and activate profiles on local directories.  For local search, Google displays Google+ Local profiles prominently above the fold.  If yours isn’t verified and doesn’t include much information, it probably won’t appear.  Bing and Yahoo! also have local business directories.  It’s easy to fill out the information and go through the verification process.  Basic listings are free, but there are Enhanced Listing options that may include photos, company logos, and a more detailed business description.  There are plenty of other local directory sites to submit information to like Yellow Pages, Super Pages, and Local.com.  All of these profiles will appear for a branded search.

About the Author:

Nick Stamoulis is the President of Brick Marketing, a Boston area SEO firm.  For more SEO tips, subscribe to the Brick Marketing SEO Newsletter.

Should I Keep Blogging?

If you have put some time and effort into setting up a blog, posting regular updates, and attempting to share your posts and engage with your blogging community, but you’re still not seeing many results, business owners will often ask: “Should I keep blogging? Is there any point?”

The quick answer is: “Often, yes.”

There are a few things that you might be missing. For example, your blog may be low on views, or comments, but if it is hosted on your company website, the updated and refreshed content could still be really helping your site in the search engines. Search engines love fresh content but people don’t often have a reason to update their company’s “About Us” page on a regular basis. Having a blog page on your site is a great way of keeping your site’s content new in an authentic way, which can only help your search engine ranking. So it’s often good to consider the benefits your blog may be providing that aren’t as easy to see.

If your blog is not hosted on your website, then rather than stopping blogging, consider moving your blog over to your site, and that way you are at least gaining some benefit.

If you honestly feel that the blog is taking up too much time and energy, then perhaps revisit the frequency with which you are blogging. Cutting it down may help balance out the effort to results ratio.

You can also revisit your content. Are your blog posts easy to read – are they fairly brief (200-300 words is a good guideline), interesting and well written, without too many grammar errors or typos to distract the reader? You can use a blogging service if you don’t feel confident writing your own posts.

Lastly, it can often be as simple as the blog design that is off-putting to readers. Aesthetics are everything, after all! Consider the size of your font – is it too small? The font itself may even be hard to read, so consider changing that. The blog’s interface design could be too bare or too cluttered – try changing that. Or incorporate images or video into your posts – online readers love multimedia.

Try out these changes before quitting your blog altogether. And remember – sometimes things just take time to grow, just like business! So stick with it.