Are You Integrating Press Release Distribution and Your Social Media Together? If Not, You Should Be! Here is Why…

PR For Your Business“Press release distribution has changed more in the last 5 years than in the previous 50 years” comments Michael Iwasaki, managing partner with 24-7 Press Release Newswire. “The last 18 months in particular have been extremely significant for the way online news is now handled, distributed and viewed.” continued Iwasaki.

Many of these changes have become more apparent because of how search engines now look at and handle content. If you distribute a press release that is of poor quality, it is now likely to be flagged as ‘thin content’.  This is fantastic because it has created a drop off of poor press release content where people were trying to spam the search engines with keyword links.

People are starting to understand that a well written press release distributed to credible news channels still has huge value. This is especially true when they integrate this with their social media.

At 24-7 Press Release Newswire, when a customer distributes a press release, we encourage them to share their press release link on their social media. We can clearly see the businesses that do this and the ones that do not. The number of social shares on one that has been posted to active social media accounts is significantly greater. This is also beneficial because by doing so, you are updating your own audience of followers and alike. You also never know what journalist or blogger may be looking at or following your social media channels.

So what should you walk away with after reading this? Press release distribution has changed from just sending out a press release and being passive, to sharing that link on all your social media channels (blog included) and engaging your audience to participate in comments. This will maximize your exposure not only through the company you used to distribute your news, but to your own direct audience.

The Best Social Media Tools to Boost Your Online PR Campaigns.

Social Media ToolsAt 24-7 Press Release Newswire, we’ve been enjoying the excellent social media marketing advice, articles, hints and tips at recently – and observing the intrinsic link between effective online PR campaigns and well-delivered social media.

And to help you utilise the complex world of social media marketing in tandem with your online PR, this fantastic article contains 60 of the best social media tools for small businesses to gain competitive advantage online.

As well as listing some incredible tools and platforms to monitor the big social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, the article clearly highlights the best of the best when it comes to social media monitoring – an often overlooked part of the mix.

Our favourite platforms and tools in the social media monitoring space are:

* Mention – online tracking of your business name. It goes beyond Google Alerts for tracking your name or company name globally. You can find out hoe many people are mentioning your name or business name without using the @ sign, and the tracking tool has received excellent ratings.

* SocialMention – this tool helps track areas such as sentiment, reach, passion and strength. It focuses more on how people feel and react to your Brand and business content on social media platforms. This is powerful, as you can see how an online audience’s sentiment changes over time, and adjust your online PR accordingly.

* Keyhole – if you’re looking to track a hashtag campaign online, Keyhole delivers this across Twitter, Facebook AND Instagram. Excellent for tracking an upcoming event, measure the popularity of the campaign. Keyhole also enables tracking of an event before, during and after – providing a full dashboard of analytics, influencers and demographics.

For overall social media analytics, these are our favourite platforms to try:

Buzz Sumo – delivers the most popular content on set topic, or website. This provides powerful insight, which can drive future online PR campaigns.

Rival IQ – if you’ve ever wondered what a competitor is doing, Rival IQ can help, by tracking a Brand and monitoring their activity on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. Rival IQ provides insight into competitor campaigns.

Klout – this well-established tool collates information across the Web, and gives a Klout Score for an individual, Brand and website. Klout also tracks key topics, views content suggestions, and posts to social media profiles. Awesome!

If you have any queries or questions about our ranges of press release distribution services, please feel free to get in touch here.

All You Need To Know Regarding Social Media Behavior and Smartphone Usage – Do Men and Women Use Them Differently?

We have seen our spouses or partners using their smartphone on the couch, or looking at it before bed, but do we really know what they are looking at? Were you aware that women use social media and their smartphones differently from men?

If you are involved in marketing in any way, some of these numbers might assist you with how you target your market audience.

  1. Men are more likely to use social media for business-related reasons – 27% of men do this compared to just 22% of women.
  2. Men are nearly twice as active to use their phone for dating – 13% compared to just 7% of women.
  3. Women outnumber men in Facebook usage on their smartphones.

However, there are some areas in which women use smartphones more than men. The top three are:

  1. Staying in touch with family and friends
  2. Blogging, and photo uploading/sharing
  3. Entertainment


Want to find out more about how the different sexes are using social media through their mobile devices? Check this out from

Social Media Behavior

Fast Forward to 2014 – What’s The Value of a Press Release?

Social Media NewsAt 24-7 Press Release one of the questions we get regularly asked is What’s the value of a press release?

One of the best answers we’ve seen came recently from John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, who advocated the value of a press release, but stressing the importance of not using money-based keyword links, and to ensure that businesses use a press release distribution service that supports NO FOLLOW.

In our extensive experience as a leading provider of press release distribution services, we believe that the value of a press release comes from three elements:

1. Journalists can find your story and re-write it and/or re-post your story.

2. Bloggers can find your story and share it with their audiences.

3. You can share your story via high-volume social media platforms.

These three elements all create valuable exposure levels, and a press release delivers massive impact in relation to the amount of investment it requires.

You can also promote your own press release once it goes live: the day your press release is distributed, a link will be created, and this means you can promote this link within your own online marketing campaigns, too.

Remember, that a press release stays online until you decide to remove it, so the average online press release has a significant lifespan.

If, however, you want to remove a press release from the Web, you’ll need to contact each publication source individually. This will take time and effort.

We believe that bang for buck, and compared to AdWords campaigns – which have limited space and character allowance – a press release is financially more cost-effective, as long as it’s written with a ‘hook & hold’ headline in place.

Fewer businesses are now using press release marketing for ‘spam’ messages, so the existing press releases being distributed are generally more newsworthy – and gaining more attention online than ever before.

If you have any queries or questions about our ranges of press release distribution services, please feel free to get in touch here.

What’s The Magic Bullet For Your Marketing?

The answer? There is no magic bullet. This reminded us of the classic scene in the cult movie The Matrix when Neo learns that to bend a spoon, he must acknowledge there is no spoon:

The Matrix

We were considering this question at 24-7 Press Release as many businesses are looking to find the ‘secret ingredient’ in their online marketing and press release distribution to instantly boost their marketing to stratospheric levels.

Unfortunately, the only ‘magic bullet’ to your marketing is consistent, planned, strategic hard work. Some of this hard work can include the following elements:Magic Marketing Bullet

A combination of marketing efforts which work in unison to make a marketing plan come together during the course of a commercial year in business.

Consistent utilization of press release distribution is recommended, because widespread online coverage from press release publication delivers instant gratification for your marketing efforts, and can spread rapidly through social media channels.

Acknowledge that there is no ‘magic bullet’ and doing only one activity in your online marketing then expecting significant results is an unrealistic goal.

As a minimum, we recommend that businesses should complete professional and consistent social media profiles, including a Facebook Business Page, Google+, Pinterest to display product images, LinkedIn, YouTube, as well as AdWords campaigns, press release marketing, and a well-written Blog.

Press release distribution can tie together product and service marketing in one consistent effort.

All marketing activities are constantly changing and evolving, so be ready to adapt, change and introduce new channels for your products and services.

If you have any queries or questions about our ranges of press release distribution services, please feel free to get in touch here.

Social Media Networking Tips to Help Your Marketing

Social Networking Tips from 24-7 Press Release NewswireBack on January 16th, we had offered you some tips and etiquette that everyone should be aware of and practising. As a follow up, we decided to further the piece with a few more points that everyone should be aware of.

One of the biggest faults that many people have (you can clearly see this at brick and mortar social networking events) is that some individuals “loves themselves” and like to talk about themselves, what they can do, what they have and so on. You have probably met this person at a cocktail party no doubt.  More time needs to be spent asking the basic W’s to find out how potentially a relationship could jointly work out.  Making yourself interesting and caring about what another person has to say while being completely 100% genuine in the process.  People will remember you when you make that follow up connection.

If you are asked a question without knowing the answer and you say you are going to follow up at a certain time point, make sure your time point is accurate.  If you do not have the information that you advised you would present, notify the person that you are aware you were going to follow up today, but still do not have the information and that you are still working on obtaining it.

When you engage in a discussion, don’t always take.  In this day and age, people have had enough of been taken advantage of.  A good rule that I like to say is “Offer something BEFORE you take something”.  For us, if we are talking with press release writers, we like to offer a press release distribution coupon and include the website (  Whether it is a coupon, a service or some advice, offer before you take.

This next point goes back a little to our first article.  Whether it is LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, keep your contacts relevant and meaningful.  Connecting with every Tom, Dick and Harry serves no useful purpose.  Keep your connections updated and personal when and where you can.

With these basic concepts implanted, you will be sure to build a meaningful social network of amazing contacts.

10 Reasons Why You Should Still Send A Press Release – Share This…

PR For Your BusinessWith all the “gossip” flying around the Internet about Google and the changes that have been going on over the last nearly 24 months, one of the biggest questions to stem from this from marketers is “is a press release still a good idea for marketing?”.

The simple answer is yes.  Not only because of the information below, however Google themselves have also recommended that a press release is still valuable.  This comes from a quote from John Mueller (one of Google’s lead Webmaster Trends Analysts), stating that, even though all links within a press release should be no-follow, “there is still great value to using press releases” (see the 5th paragraph at:

The below information, courtesy of PR Newswire, may be found in FULL at:

Other reasons, not to be forgotten include:

1. Pickup – Your news release still go to journalists, editors and bloggers.

2. Authority – For your company or organization, you are the source.

3. Discovery – With the acuity of search engines and tribal nature of many social platforms that have made it easier than ever for granular searches to be preformed.

4. Placement – Syndication of news releases by commercial news services has given companies and organizations the opportunity to be publishers.

5. Targeting – Although perceived as blasted, news releases are actually targeted.

6. Multimedia – News releases with multimedia are viewed more than those without.

7. Social – Performing a quick search on Twitter will illustrate the popularity of a press release.

8. Mobile – Mobile readership of news releases is increasing.

9. Expertise – The news release can help you establish yourself and organization as an expert source or authority.

10. Archive – News releases are saved and stored.

The above are just a few brief points.  View the full press release article by clicking HERE

About 24-7PressRelease

A provider of professional, affordable press release distribution service since 2004, 24-7PressRelease continues to be a leader in the press release distribution industry.  Through an exclusive partnership with PR Newswire, 24-7PressRelease delivers one of the most powerful news dissemination services today.  24-7PressRelease offers a variety of press release service packages, making it affordable and attractive for businesses of all sizes.

Running An Effective Campaign For Guest Bloggers Post Penguin 2.0

Guest bloggingBecause of the nature of our business (media distribution), I like to keep updated through a number of reliable sources on what is new with the SEO community and updates that are coming to major search engines.

Through my travels, I came across an excellent article regarding the importance of successful, reliable guest blogging in the aftermath of Penguin and Panda.  The article is from a contributor at, Jayson DeMers.

Jayson’s article dives into the importance quality guest blogging.  Again, the stress is quality, which not only relates to how well the article may be written, BUT the relevance of the article as well because this is now something that Google is looking at closely.

After reading the article, it gave me an excellent understanding as to what guest posting is not.  Some of the misconceptions include:

Guest posting is not article marketing

Advertorials are not guest posting

Guest blogging is not immune to the principles of good links

The article continues to discuss and go into excellent information about article quality, questionable anchor text composition, linking, lack of social signals to name a few.

In conclusion, with the business of blogging becoming ever so complex and congested, by following these tips and techniques, you can get ahead and make a dent in such an information packed world.

By: Michael Iwasaki, original article by: Jayson DeMers at

Michael Iwasaki is a founding and managing partner of the media distribution website (founded in 2004), with a plethora of knowledge of the SEO, marketing, social media and PR industries.

Keep up to date with us and follow us on Google+:

Since 2004, has distributed nearly 250,000 press releases.

24-7 Press Release Distribution Joins RebelMouse Community

247 News Media Service on RebelMouseFor those that like to follow us and keep up to date, including being informed of valuable coupon codes, etc. you may now find us at RebelMouse!

Find us on RebelMouse at:

Are you still wondering what RebelMouse is? RebelMouse is a website that is based on the concept of “individuals being proud of what the share through social media”, however perhaps not as proud about their individual websites.

RebelMouse gives you the opportunity to connect all of your social networks with one attractive looking online presence.  RebelMouse really looks organized and presents the information from all our social medias in a professional user friendly interface.

If you haven’t already signed up, you should…

Check out more about RebelMouse here:

By: Michael Iwasaki

Michael Iwasaki is a founding and managing partner of the media distribution website (founded in 2004), with a plethora of knowledge of the SEO, marketing, social media and PR industries.

Since 2004, has distributed nearly 250,000 press releases.


First Round of Updates Coming VERY Soon

News site updates to website.

News distribution site, adds enhancements.

If you haven’t checked out the press release distribution site recently, you may want to do so shortly.

The first wave of significant changes is due to be implemented very shortly (possibly as early as the next 24-48hrs).

Along with a few minor visual changes (the big visual changes will be the last to come), is the ability to now upload your images that you regularly use, and keep them in an image bank.

You will also notice a lot more social media interaction and the ability to now add your Twitter and Facebook feed to all your press releases.

Looking for a no-follow on your links? No-follow is no problem.  We have added the ability to add this to a single release or all your releases.  You can now change these options within your account manager!

These are just a few things mentioned, there are actually more changes, so check the site out and take a look around!

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